Fronter - Prelude to Darkness - SciFi Movie


This is a scifi movie I'm making in chapters on youtube, sort of learning 3d animating as I go so the quality sort of gradually improves...hope you like it, very keen to hear what people think.

In the 23rd century humans have ventured into the stars. Two empires vie for power along the known sectors of the Milky Way - the Terran Imperial Union and the Dakota Republic.

2009 Teaser

The Beginning **This is 2D - was made prior to me learning 3D animating***

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

This is the website here

This is the facebook page here


Lew :smiley:
Hi Guys,

Well I finally got Part 8 finished I hope you all like it :smiley:

See it here.


Website is here.

Part 10 is here

Part 10 (double-digits now) is finished and on youtube, there were some action scenes I had planned on fitting into this part however it looks like I rang outta time, so hopefully I shall be able to fit them into Part 11.


This part is a bit more about setting up plot elements, so I hope you like it :smiley:.

I decided to release Part 11 now and Part 12 (containing nothing more than a space battle) in a week's time.


Hope you like it.

See it here.
New frontier trailer

As I now have alot more footage to use, I have been able to finally put together a full trailer for Frontier rather than the early teasers which only used footage from Part 1.


As always, hope you like it.

See it here.

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