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An Old Friend
I always wanted a place with a big front yard with a sidewalk going past it in a family type neighborhood. I would plant strawberries, raspberries and fruit trees along the edge so people could walk by and have some natural goodness.

Why don't rest stops maintain fruit trees and berry bushes for the motorists? Why don't city parks plant them for the community? I once had a doctor that had apple trees outside his office with a sign that said you could have one in season as long as you ate it there.
I remember the 60's in my hometown there were apple and plum trees all along the sidewalks in the neighborhood. Recently went back and they are all gone. I remember neighbors that kept small gardens for sharing with other families.

It would be so easy to convert vacant lots to community gardens and have schools, churches and community groups tend them and make the produce available to food pantries and have a harvest festival where the proceeds go back into maintaining the gardens.