typically terrific
Aliasgirl47 said:
I play flute and Matt plays trumpet! I'm alright at trumpetbut he's much better. In free time I read, write, act, talk to friends, go to parties, ect...
lol... my sister plays the trumpet... i like to do various things for fun. it all depends.
Would you ever think that history projects for school could be fun? Just get a bunch of people together to make a video....make a guy be mary todd lincoln, and a girl john wilkes booth, add in a few baloons, complicated scripts, hardly anyone shows up, and throw in one very confused mom and you've got entertainment! lol
Same Siri - in fact im on here now trying to include some fun in my revision schedule! argghhhh. cant face any more biology, its killing all i have in the way of brain cells! which isnt much i can tell u! LMAO! :LOL:
Of course I go's the first thing I wanted to do once I came home. And the minute I do....I've discovered that I'm a member of the Insano family! Hurray!! lol