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Imagine if the beloved G.I. Joe cartoons from the 80's were re-invented. Instead of being a terrorist organization COBRA could instead be huge international conglomerate company. COBRA Industries would have ties to just about every aspect of life, from medial treatments to retail shopping. Oh, and those retail shops... they would be everywhere in every town & called SSS Mart and their real purpose would be to to act as a cover to the weapons smuggling that COBRA runs. Fighting COBRA would be the classic G.I. Joe characters but all updated. Since COBRA is, at face value, a legitimate business there are no open battles between them and the Joes so instead the Joes start discovering the covert illegal actions by the company. To give it a twist, the Joes could then be framed for a crime that they did not commit and go on the run! Yeah, the most patriotic of cartoon characters that always showed the US military in a positive light would now actually be on the run & treated as criminals. And chasing the Joes on the run would be a ruthless military officer who has a personal beef against Duke, the leader of the AWOL Joes. The Joes, running from the military while fighting covert battles, could travel in a big van as they search for evidence to clear their names and expose COBRA to the world. Each of the Joes would have their own specialty that, when as part of the team, helps them in their adventures. Helping the Joes on the run would be a woman who is sympathetic to the Joes and does what she can to secretly aid them.

Okay, okay... stop laughing. Right about now you're thinking "He's describing G.I. Joe as The A-Team fighting Wal-mart. Is he nuts?! :ROFLMAO:" But you shouldn't be laughing because what I've described really is the premise for a new G.I. Joe animated series.

Yes, Hasbro has a new G.I. Joe cartoon named G.I. Joe: Renegades that is airing on the new The Hub channel and is a giant rip-off of The A-Team. Check your local channel listings to check it out. It is a poorly written show with animation quality that may just hurt your eyes if you watch it long enough.

Don't say I didn't warn you. :P

Here are some sample clips...



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Ugh... :|
Yep, my sentiments exactly.

By contrast I just finished watching the 2009 live-action G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and for a popcorn movie it fulfills the goal. Surprisingly. It had a nice diverse cast that meshed well as a team movie and was able to include several character background stories in-between the action that actually told the re-imagined story of "the rise of Cobra" in that universe. Sure, there was some silly moments but it was a popcorn movie and it worked as a whole.

If Hasbro was really that desperate to fill up their programming slots on the new The Hub channel then they should have negotiated to get the rights to make a new animated series based on the movie. Yeah, it would've been a bit confusing, an animated series based on a live-action movie that was based on an animated series that was based on a line of toys, but it would have still been a way better premise then turning the Joes into a clone of The A-Team.

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I played with the classic big-size G.I.Joe action figures when I was a kid, but I never cared to watch the any of the cartoons (a lot of my friends did). And seeing these new show clips makes me want to see Rocko's Modern Life.


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I still remember watching the morning cartoon just before we had to run off to school...that was a hell of a long time ago. I also enjoyed the recent movie (as mentioned, it was strictly a popcorn film).

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