Game oF 2008

What is your favourite game that is coming out in the next 6 months and explain why

Gears Of War 2 - It looks even better than the first with new multiplayer gametypes and guns, looks like a cod 4 beater to me

In order of release:

Unreal Tournament 3 - Gonna be a whole loada fun!

Call of Duty 5 (Oct I think, probs not) - I ain't sure on it as it's made by bad kid CoD3 creators.

GoW2 - dur!
Yer, ive never played SOCOM.

Its gonna be a must buy for me I suppose.

Soccom has and always will be the one game i will reign on. My team hammered S2 and we were pretty much unbeatable on it. Only match we ever lost legit was to Soul Breakers and WisH. Two very beast clans and i respect all the players that were ever in those clans.

Unlucky to WisH losing in the playoff final to us, best clan match i have ever played in my life and was so intense and griping. very very close game.
Gonna say im looking forward to GOW2 the most... think COD5 gonna be dissapointing and tbh i just bought GOW a week or 2 ago and i quite like it plus ive seen footage of no.2 and it looks BEEEEAST