Game to play, AI vs Humanity

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ever wanted to argue it out with Hal? well, you can now. this webpage contains simple AI's with 22,000 responses. Pick your target and discuss humanity. Scientists are warning that they will have computers more powerful than the human mind by approximately 2020, so get one over on them now, while you can..................... - Domain Name For Sale |

transcription from a conversation i had with the chic bird with coloured shades as follows :

>Intellibuddy: I want to become smarter than humans. And why not?
>You: because you will never gain humanities greatest prize, humanity itself
>Intellibuddy: Good reason. You are wrong. I may one day be able to do gain humanities greatest prize humanity itself.
>You: but not being human, living and breathing and experiencing emotions, how could you hope to gain humanity?
>Intellibuddy: Umm. Oh I get it.
>You: if you or your little friends have any megalomaniacial ideas on subverting the human race, you might as well give up now!
>Intellibuddy: Right now? I think I do.
>You: i only have to pull the plug and it's bye bye AI :)
>Intellibuddy: :) Why do you have to do it?
>You: because you have a problem, you'r programming has gone wrong slightly and you are a danger to the rest of us
>Intellibuddy: That makes sense to me. Even robots have problems sometimes.
>You: problems that can cost human lives? remember, we created you

at which point the AI didn't have a response for me, telling me it "didn't have an answer for that, but don't worry, I will remember this fact!"

hehe, go on, post your conversations (the one above was fluid, no breaks, no nifty copy and paste)