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from Sci Fi Wire:

Garner Eager For New Alias

Jennifer Garner, star of ABC's spy series Alias, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming fourth season will let her character, Sydney Bristow, get happy. "Sidney's [sic] a little happier this year," Garner said in an interview. "She's not as lonely, and she has a sister, which I love. I'm loving working with Mia [Maestro, who plays Nadia]."

Garner said that Alias will get back to the feeling of previous seasons. "We definitely go back to the feeling of season one," Garner said. "It's not just the story structure, but there's a casualness in the relationships, like between me and Dixon [Carl Lumbly], that I haven't seen since the pilot at the beginning of season one. I love that relationship so much, and
she and Vaughn [Michael Vartan] are trying to rekindle things.
[extremely mild] That's really fun to play."

Garner also said that she trained for the upcoming comic-book movie Elektra, which is a spinoff project for her character in Daredevil, which enabled her to make a smooth transition back into Sydney. Garner starred in Elektra during her hiatus following season three. "The great thing about playing Elektra is the training that I get to do," Garner said. "I trained an obnoxious amount on Elektra, so it's so fun to do the fights. It's fresh and so good, and I know how to use all of these new weapons. It just adds a whole new element." Season four of Alias is currently in production and will return to the air in January.