GCSEs and A levels

My first written one in tommorow... RE which I hate but its kind of easy.

Then English and another RE on Thursday and Friday, then another 12 after half term. :cry:


I've done my art as level, and my maths as exams, I have to give in all of my sketchbooks on friday for art, that's the deadline, I have geography AS level on friday afternoon, and my computing AS level is on the 8th of June, sheesh, it gets hectic huh?
just having a little study break :P

so how was everyones week? not too horrible i hope?

I heard there was an evily question in the geog about mega cities or something Sab, how'ed you find it?


Mega cities, hmmm I think that was on the skills paper I'm just trying to think, nah I think it was ok, there was one on the physical paper about soil catena, that was awful, the whole physical paper was awful :cry:
ok i know it's a double post yada yada sorry sorry

Does anyone know grade boundries for maths AS? really can't find them anywhere....

and just for reference in case there's someone here looking for the sience boundries they're 80-a 70-b 60-c

good luck next week everyone think it's the worse week for most xxxxxxxxx
Oh My God! I have my maths tomorrow and I feel physically sick because its the worst subject ever and I know I havn'tr evised enough but I just can't concentrate! :cry:

Good luck everyone!


ahh i am so relieved i just finished my exams on Thursday with my last two exams of statistics and Media. I am so happy and now i have a whole 2 months to relax and pick out a college!
Results day - how did everyone do?

Much to my surprise and excitement I got all A's, A*'s and 2 B's ... I can't believe it I'm so chuffed and relieved 😌

How did everyone get on?


yay results! lol i got:

Biology A
Chemistry B
Physics A
Food tech A
Spanish C
Maths A
English A
History A

woooo so happy lol, well dun evry1 :D
I KNOW!! Whats with January exams?? They've basically ruined Christmas for us because all I can think about is when I go back I have Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Maths exams to do.

Why Why did I take Maths :banghead:

Does anyone have any subect clashes? My chem and psych. clash so I have to sit them right after one another while everyone else gets to go home (n)
aww that's so unlucky :( at least you don't have to be in solitary though- my friend had to be supervised by a teacher over night to ensure she didn't cheat as she had to take a second one the next day!

I've got a Maths paper on friday and a biology one next week :( should probably be revising now but lost all impitus.... :sigh: