Jul 20, 2008
Hello to everyone here at Graphics Stop. I was recommended this place by CHUNKYBOWSER, I checked it out a little and decided to sign up to see what I could offer to the community; though a bit of a small community at that.

I use Photoshop 7.0, have been using it for almost a year now, and will continue to use it. I specialize in signatures and the like; avatars, sometimes banners. I've made a few large pieces, but so far nothing exciting.

Some think I'm a noob, some think I'm a graphix god. It's all Greek to me. I do what I do for pleasure of doing it. I'm a small-time member of a very popular gfx community, planetrenders.net, and the reason I am affiliated with Chunky is because we both also are members (and graphic designers for) a forum known as NSider2. It is there that I own a gfx shop where I use my reasonable skills to please people with forms of graphical art (mostly signatures).

I hope to become very familiar with all of you here. :^D

~ theycallmefave


elcome to the forums! Good to have u here!
I'm maniac and I'm the admin if u have any questions or comments let meknow