Gday everyone,
My name is Terry and I am from Australia.I am a keen fan of 1950 AND 1960 sci fi films.Have a fair collection of films from this era and wondering if there is anyone out there to swap/discuss these films with.Also a keen fan of Lost in space and the first series of star trek.Anyway hope everyone has a good 2008
Terry :cool:
Hi Terry!
I have been finding myself buying more and more scifi classics lately.
My most recent purchase is
Teenagers From Outer Space with David Love
Battle of the Worlds with Claude Rains

It was $1 at walmart
A double feature DVD but I have not watched them yet.

I have bought a couple others too.

LaserHawk with Mark Hamill'
Sci-Fi invasion-
*Cosmos War of the Planets
*Assignment Outer Space
*Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet
*Warning From Space
SciFi Invasion-
*This is Not a Test
*Killers From Space
*Wasp Woman
*Unknown World

I have more but these are the most recent that I have not watched yet.
Here is a sample of the titles he reviews

20 Million Miles to Earth Please do not poke the Ymir.

The Angry Red Planet The first mission to Mars encounters terrible
monsters, including a bat-rat-spider.

At the Earth's Core Peter Cushing and Doug McClure take on hypnotic

The Cars that Ate Paris An Australian town runs people off the road to profit from
the wrecked cars.

Things I Learned From This Movie:

Always make sure the lugnuts on your wheels are tight.
Australian people transport calves around in the trunks of their cars
(that's right - a young cow).
Recent accident victims should not be given word association exercises involving
pictures of messy accidents.
Mentally retarded people will try to eat hood ornaments.
Parking Superintendent is a powerful position in rural towns.
The occupants of a mental ward do not belong at a town ball.
Fighting cars with a chair is a losing proposition.
Gday Skwirlinator,
All those movies you mentioned are great movies.Have you seen The day the earth stood of the best sci films ever made.Bad cinema diary is a very good site.I also forgot to mention I really like the old Superman series and have series 1,2,4 on dvd
Terry :cool: