XBox Gears of War 2 (XBox 360)

resistance 2 is syck bro... but i dont have a PS3 so.. =[ . . . . another thing about gears 2 NO MORe automatic downs with one shot out of a active reloaded sniper.... YAY!
Nice post man, I might be getting a 360 and if I do, I'm gonna make sure I get this.
I love CoD just because its WWII and I'm a huge war buff and thats my favorite war. I'm glad CoD is going back to WWII just for that reason although CoD5 will be awsome when it comes out. :D
Played it last night and today, really fun game. But I got disapointed in the campaign because something happend to a certain someone that I actually got to like in the game. Although it's a pretty predictable game.
Horde mode is pretty fun, playing LAN with 4 people it can get pretty intense especially around level 13-15, although there are 50 levels, atleast i'm pretty sure there is. Didn't really get to play alot of the other game types exept for Wingman which is pretty fun 2v2.
There are like around 9 different game modes you can choose from, but my friends and I just ended up getting some pizza and renting a movie.
Would probably give the game a 8-9/10.
I am going to the mall today to see if I can get myself a copy. I played it at a friends house and the matchmaking system is terrible.