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I haven't read any of them yet but I think I'll have to start. My brother has been reading all of the series and I was surprised that he did so because I didn't think it was his kind of material. He recommended that I give it a try so I think I'll be adding it to my list of summer reading.


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I read some of my daughter's HP. Not something I'd pickup real fast but It may be hard to put down after a while.

Has anyone else read any of Gerrold's stuff yet?

Edgar Rice Burroughs is like an old friend to me, Anyone else like his stuff?
Wanna read some right now? If ya don't have a reader there's a text version.
Courtesy of Project Gutenberg Axiom's Edge gives them to us free.

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See I love the Harry Potter series. I spend so many hours reading them a day. I can't wait until June (July?) 16th. That's when #6 comes out! :D


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i'm sorry, but HP is not literature, i read them because they were the in thing for my kids to read at school and home.

books one and two were blunt and not too realistic with kids lives, book 3 was packed out with waffle, book 4 seemed like it was ghost written, the style of writing seemed different to me!!

frankly, kids would have more fun reading Just William or Billy Bunter books instead, at least theres some continuance in writing style and content.

Just William: Crompton, Richmal, Henry, Thomas: 9780333534083: Books

Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School: Richards, Frank, Jarvis, Martin: 9781873859575: Books

one thing i always find funny about the Harry Potter books, they run linear with school years, yet the release timings are not linear, meaning the kids reading them when they first came out will never read the series to full satisfaction.

this is one woman who i feel might as well have won the Lottery and not pressed this pulp fiction on our kids.

but lots of other people feel differently and i'm not going to start a war over it, if my kids end up intellectually unsatisfied by reading the series, it's my kids loss of time and respect, which reflects on myself been forced to supply them with the series. with so many kids not reading novels nowadays, i suppose anything that makes them read is good. unfortunately i know of plenty of kids who have not gone on to read other novels in their lives, only reading this series because it became a sort of peer pressure to have read them.

once you've talked to a number of 16 years olds trying to pass their english exams and you find out they have never read a novel in their lives, you start worrying! fishing and motorcycling magaizines are not literature :)


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I finally recieved my SFBC mail-in subscription form today in the mail.
I can get 5 books for $1 and 1 book at 1/2 price.
There are a few 2in1, 3in1 and 4in1 choices as well as Best of's and encyclopedias.
Here's what I'm tetering on...

A.B.Chandler-John Grimes:RimRunner; 4in1, Into the Alternate Universe, Contraband from Otherspace, The Rim Gods and The Commodore at Sea. $0.20

J.R.R.Tolkien-Lord of the Rings; 3in1, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, Return of the King. $0.20

Michael Reaves & Steve Perry-StarWars MedStar; 2in1, Battle Surgeons & Jedi Healer. $0.20

ComicBook Encyclopedia by Ron Goulart; 384 ppg, $0.20

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy by Crawford Kilian; 172 ppg, $0.20

Spectrum 11 by Cathy and Arnie Fenner; 208 ppg, $0.20

Many more...

I'm definately going to do this, there are just so many to choose from I don't know where to start!



Harry Potter

Harry Potter stories were fun to read at first with my 10 year old son, but then he lost interest after the third one. We did like to compare the books with the movies though so we may pick it up again...
Now he likes the Vampire's Assistant series by Darren Shan instead. He reads those as fast as we can find them for him!


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Kevin, I was browsing thru SFBC and came across alot of Stephen King and Immediately thought of you!







On the one hand, Harry Potter is very popular here, in Russia. On the other I know at least 3 different parodies and 1 of them is much better than the original. It is written for elder people


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The Harry Potter books have been translated into approximately 60 languages and are sold in over 200 countries.

Official translations have been done in the following languages (languages are listed twice if more than one translation was prepared, once if the difference is merely a difference of country and distributor):

1. Afrikaans, South Africa: Human & Rousseau (pty) Ltd. (, translated by Janie Oosthuysen (Janie Oosthuysen)
2. Albanian, Albania: Publishing House Dituria, translated by Amik Kasoruho
3. Arabic, Egypt: Nahdet Misr
4. Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesia: Penerbit PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama (
5. Basque, Spain: Ediciones Salamandra / Elkarlanean, translated by Iñaki Mendiguren (I-IV)
6. Bengali, Bangladesh: Ankur Prakashani
7. Bulgarian, Bulgaria: Egmont Bulgaria (Хари Потър), translated by Mariana Melnishka (I-IV), Emiliia L. Maslarova (V)
8. Catalan, Spain: Editorial Empuries, translated by Laura Escorihuela (I-IV), Marc Alcega (IV), Xavier Pàmies (V)
9. Chinese, People's Republic of China (Simplified Characters): People's Literature Publishing House (, translated by Su Nong (I), Ma Ai-xin (II, IV, V), Zheng Xu-Mi (III), Ma Ainong (V), and Ji Wen (V)
10. Chinese, Taiwan (Traditional Chinese Characters): Crown Publishing Company Ltd (, translated by Peng Chien-Wen (Qian-Wen)
11. Croatian, Croatia: Algoritam (, translated by Zlatko Crnkovi&#263 (I-III), Dubravka Petrovic (IV)
12. Czech, Czech Republic: Albatros (, translated by Vladimír Medek (book I) (, Pavel Medek (books II, III)
13. Danish, Denmark: Gyldendal (, translated by Hanne Lützen
14. Dutch, Netherlands: Standaard /Uitgeverij De Harmonie ( (I-V), translated by Wiebe Buddingh'
15. English: Australia, Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd (Distributor) (; Canada, Bloomsbury/Raincoast (; South Africa, Jonathan Ball Publishers (Distributors); UK/Commonwealth Bloomsbury (; USA: Scholastic (
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17. Faroese, Faroe Islands: Bokadeild Foroya Laerarafelags (, translated by Gunnar Hoydal (I-III), Malan Háberg (IV)
18. Finnish, Finland: Tammi (, translated by Jaana Kapari (I-V)
19. French, France and Canada: Gallimard Jeunesse[1] (, translated by Jean-François Ménard
20. Galician (Galego), Spain: Ediciones Salamandra, translated by Marilar Aleixandre
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22. German, Germany: Carlsen Verlag (, translated by Klaus Fritz
23. Plattdeutsch (Low German), Germany: Verlag Michael Jung, translated by Hartmut Cyriacks, Peter Nissen et al
24. Greek (modern), Greece: Psicholgios Publications (, translated by Máia Roútsou (book I); Kaíti Oikonómou (book II-V)
25. Greek (ancient): Bloomsbury, translated by Andrew Wilson ( due October 4th, 2004
26. Gujarati, India: Manjul Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., translated by Jagruti Trivedi and Harish Nayak
27. Hebrew, Israel: Books in the Attic Ltd. / Miskal (, translated by Gili Bar-Hillel (I-V)
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29. Hungarian, Hungary: Animus Publishing (, translated by Tóth Tamás Boldizsár (I-V)
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32. Irish: Bloomsbury, translated by Máire Nic Mhaoláin, due October 4th, 2004
33. Italian, Italy: Adriano Salani Editore (, translated by Marina Astrologo (I-II), Beatrice Masini ( (III-V) and illustrated by Serena Riglietti
34. Japanese (modern), Japan: Say-zan-sha Publications Ltd. (, translated by Yuko Matsuoka (
35. Korean, Korea: Moonhak Soochup Publishing Co. (, translated by Kim Hye-won (I-IV), Inja Choe (V)
36. Latin: Bloomsbury, translated by Peter Needham
37. Latvian, Latvia: Jumava (, translated by Ingus Josts (I-V), Ieva Kolmane (IV-V), Sabīne Ozola (V), Māra Poļakova (V)
38. Lithuanian, Lithuania: Alma Littera Company Limited (;book;7868), translated by Zita Mariene (I-V)
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41. Malay, Malaysia: Pelangi Books
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60. Valencian, Spain: Editorial Empuries
61. Vietnamese, Vietnam: Tre Publishing House, translated by Ly Lan
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63. Zulu, rumored
Star Trek Book Recommendations

Has anyone here read “The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh” series, a Star Trek book called “I.Q.” or any of the I.K.S. Gorkon series? I read two of the last series: “A Good Day to Die” and “Hounor Bound” by Keith R.A. DeCandido. What about “Lost Boys" by Orson Scott Card? Those are among the books that I read last summer. They were all interesting books in there own way. “Lost Boys” was a very sad horror story. It was something totally different from what Card usually writes. Anyhow, take care everyone. Adios
Harry Potter

Just curious.....are the Harry Potter books worse than,same as, or better than the movies? Books usually are better, but HP seems like the type that could follow the books pretty well (plot conversion seems highly possible). I really liked the movies and I was just wondering if I should spend the time reading the books, if they're the same, I'll save my cash.


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well, they are so popular and the impact that certain people think are beneficial for kids that your best bet here is to either get them out of a library and look around secondhand/charity books for them cheaply.

they aren't so rare that you can only pay top dollar on them!!