Geothermal Drilling; Latest 'incident' adds to worries


Creative Writer
Drilling through the crust to expose power sources? I know the Earth isn't exactly the most safe natural object around and things occur naturally but should we really be continuing on with this sort of experimentation when several incidents have already occurred?

The latest earthquake caused by German engineers is a sign that should give worry to anyone reading about it.

One quote on this situation states that small earthquakes are of course caused by the drilling and they help perform the task. That the damage that may or may not be caused afterwards is the real question. Acceptable collateral damage? Is there such a thing when messing with the Earths crust?

Cue latest disaster movie.............
Hmm, I only remember people in suits in the sewage system getting toasted prior to it popping its cork. Can't actually recall anything more once the action got going apart from the general laughter!

This is why I reckon we need to quickly build some more nuclear power stations though. Tried and tested short term power with known issues that can be kept under control by regulation. Then safely explore alternative power sources in the interim.