Get in the Gate!

I figured this was as good a place as any to post this. Sorry if there's a more appropriate place for this. But I wanted to let my fellow Sci Fi lovers and gamers know that there's a really cool contest going on right now. Stargate Atlantis as I'm sure a lot of you know is releasing an MMO game soon and this particular Get in the Gate contest is to get your likeness or image incorporated into the game. Now if that's not a gamer of Sci Fi fan's dream then I don't know what is. It's really simple to enter too. All you have to do is watch Stargate Atlantis Friday night or whatever time it ares in your area in the US and look for the code. From there you enter the code on line along with some info and presto you've just entered the contest. Sadly for those of you on here not located in the US you can't enter and I'm sorry if that's the majority of you. I was talking about it on another board where that happened to be the instance.

Anyway here's the link to go check out all the info and such: An Announcement from Stargate Command | Stargate Command
I hope amny of you can enter like I did. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping not to die if I win. :smiley:

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