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As some may have caught from various other conversations I'm in the midst of working on upgrading our site from using XenForo 1.x (XF1) to the new XenForo 2.x (XF2) branch of the software. The 2.x version is fundamentally different so some add-ons that we use currently won't work with XF2 and our theme has to be redone as well.

Working on this migration one of the reasons why I've been quiet lately; I've been online but in the test area instead of the main site. Even though it is the same software, "XenForo", they are two completely different applications in the code. :wideeyed:

I've gotten the theme migrated to XF2 to the point where I'm pleased with it. After the migration there will still be some tweaks done to it as I'm never fully happy with something but hopefully you guys (and gals of course, my usage of "you guys" is always in the general loose term) won't notice anything majorly different. While in there I'm trying to make the load time a little lighter by doing stuff like replacing gradient png images with gradient CSS definitions when possible.

As part of the XF1 to XF2 migration no existing XF1 add-ons can be used as-is with XF2.
  • The Media and Resources sections are 1st party add-ons and they already have XF2 compatible upgrades available.
  • The Chat area is from a 3rd party, Siropu, and he has already released an XF2 compatible version that I've been testing.
  • The post 'Likes' ratings are from a 3rd party and that vendor has not released an XF2 version but I've been testing a different add-one from a different vendor, Xon, and we'll be switching to that one instead. None of the current ratings will be lost and they'll be migrated to the new add-on.
  • There are a few 'behind the scenes' add-ons that you guys don't see but they either have XF2 replacements available or they'll be dropped without affecting anything.
  • Featured threads is the one big add-on that we currently use that does not have an XF2 compatible version. When we migrate to XF2 we'll be losing the "Featured" threads until either the vendor, Brogan, does an XF2 version or we migrate to a different solution.
The last piece of the puzzle before I do the migration is the "Lazy Load" YouTube videos and I'm currently working on that. Our current bespoke implementation isn't flawless and worst case scenario is that the XF2 behaves exactly the same as it does now. :cautious:

If I can get the lazy load YouTube working with XF2 the same way we have it now then the site may be migrated as soon as this weekend. If it won't be this weekend then it'll be soon after. So if anybody tries to access the site and gets an error, the ods are pretty good the migration is going on.

After the migration I'll post an Announcement thread with some of the new things to play with. :D
Sounds like you have everything pretty much under control.
I've recently done the Firefox update and finding it difficult to surf without my old trusted browser.
I do know the importance of keeping software up to date.

It sounds like there won't be much of a learning curve with your upgrade.
From a member point of view, I think that is important.

I've seen CoolScifi changed over the years but you have kept it workable.
As a long duration member, I do appreciate your hard work.
Any issues won't be with new members to AlienSoup.
Only those members that have grown accustomed to this current rendition will notice anything, if at all.

I'm sure your AlienSoup Twitter feed will still have featured threads.
Might consider a link to it as a sticky someplace? Someplace with main page view?
If I can get the lazy load YouTube working with XF2
Well, that turned out far easier to do with XF2 than XF1! Barring any unexpected disruptions, I'll be doing the migration this weekend. There'll be theme tweaks still needed as we go but I think all of the big stuff is ready.

There'll be some down time as the backups are done, the database migrated, and the new software configured.
No biggie, just figured you should know.
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