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Ricky Gervais, Tea Leoni


The fall movie season achieves comic liftoff thanks to Ricky Gervais, a master of deadpan hilarity playing a dentist who sees dead people. If you don't know Gervais from the original Brit TV version of The Office or HBO's Extras, then you are an idiot and deserve root-canal surgery without Novocain. Wait,I'm starting to sound like Bertram Pincus, the Scrooge in a dental smock for whom hell is other people. (Listen, he does live in Manhattan.) When a colonoscopy gone wrong gives Bertram a taste of death, he wakes up with ghosts popping up every which way demanding things from him. It's Sartre's No Exit played for laughs.Cheers to David Koepp, who writes blockbusters (Indy 4,Spider-Man), directs occultish thrillers (Secret Window,Stir of Echoes) and finds a beguiling comfort zone...

Rating: 3 Stars
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Code Monkey
Staff member
... he wakes up with ghosts popping up every which way demanding things from him.
So, based upon the commercials aired so far, it's a British comedy take on the US series Ghost Whisper?


Let me know before I invest. It looks funny by the trailers, but I've been fooled before & before.
The ending, or how it could end happily is the creepy part. If they are ghosts forever then his problem is forever. Even if it is not a forever thing, there will always be more in the cycle of life & death, and then it will be his turn.
Making a 90 minute joke out of that might leave one more distressed than happy.

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