Giant Land Octopus, the title says it all.

Jun 6, 2013
Hillside, New Jersey
Giant Land Octopus: 99¢ for Kindle, and free to Kindle Unlimited members.

Yes it's as preposterous as it sounds! If you liked the old Creature Feature movies then you should enjoy this quick, scary, and amusing read.

When there's no more food in the ocean, it will feed on land!

15 years after a baby octopus is flushed down a toilet it suddenly returns to wreck havoc on a small Texas community. Only a disgraced scientist, a nerd, and a small town sheriff stand between the Giant Land Octopus and the end of the world! Okay maybe just the end of the small Texas town, but you get the idea.



Code Monkey
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Mar 20, 2004
@glc3 Welcome to Cool Sci-Fi, George! At $0.99 it was hard for me to resist so I just picked up a copy. From the description I think it will make a fun lunch-time read for the office. (y)


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Jun 2, 2014
Bonney Lake, WA
I could stand to watch a Gezora vs Gojira movie :) Always preferred watching two giants fight each other (loved Power Rangers as a kid) rather than a giant killing tiny people.
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