Oh wow... pasta that is just... *too* much. In fact, why don't you *not* get me something that has to do with her. :lol:


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ok so i got ya'll a stapler because as my alias friend sara says "just when you think things are grand, you buy a new stapler and things get grander!" and plus i'm not too fond of appliances after seeing the brave little toaster which practically terrified me. if i find something else i'll add later!
a jennifer garner picture

couldn't think of anything to get you so i got you that.


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ok, i finally found what i'm looking for! it's a tradition in my family to give jewelry on special days(which reminds me... tommy have we seen the ring yet?) so i got you two pretty sets one overly elaborate(that's always what my grandmother loved to do-- go over the top) and one more simple.
the overly elaborate
the simple

and for tommy a fortress! for when you need to hide from your wife! ;) j/k! :lol:


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It's a painting made by Hubert Lopez Heredia and it's called "Amour" (which means love if you didn't know !)


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bluheart13 said:
Nice one Soph......ohhh and I am still shopping for your gift Tommy and Elyse...its going to be expensive and cool!!!!!!
which one : the trip or the painting ?


i got s a good gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a puupy... even if ur allergic.. its not real so u cant be../.. isnt he cute!