Glasgow (UK) pupils in line for free ipods/xbox's!!!


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BBC NEWS | UK | Scotland | iPod lure to cut down junk food

after Jamie Olivers recent series to attempt to change the way schoolkids look at school dinners, to get healthier menu's and the cash from the government to pay for them, some districts are still going for all out bribery!

stay in school grounds, eat healthy meals, earn points to be exchanged for prizes including ipods, xbox's, music/dvd vouchers

when i was at school, (a military boarding school mind!) each term the dormitory that kept their place clean the most got a large box of crisps and a case of coca cola to share amongst themselves.

a far cry from the cash this school district is pumping into childrens dietary choices that should have been made by themselves or their parents anyhow!


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oh no! suddenly the impact of my piece about bribing kids in the worst possible way becomes a language issue with the Atlantic getting in the way :smiley:

next time i'll think more carefull about my use of words!! i was was writing the thread for a local UK forum and the terminolgy differences just got lost in the heat of the moment and the rattling of my keyboard as i pounded away in excasperation at this situation, lol!


Lol don't worry about it I have the same problem on another board thats mainly used by people from the US half the time they don't understand what the heck I'm trying to say apprently I'm to "english" for them.

And back on topic I wish I'd had that kind of insentive when I was in school.


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I'm thinking companies should start offering incentives like that.... instead of getting a nice piece of paper to hang on your wall for, example, not having sick days during the year a nice iPod or PSP would do nicely. :P

Oh, I knew "chips" were fries because of 'fish & chips' and, yes, I've had them with vinegar already, but "crisps" had me puzzled.


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we have some employee incentives over here. like royal mail (postmen) who after a year of not taking sick days get given a car! i didn't look into the offer too well, cant give the exact timescale, type of car or how they get to keep the car if their attendance goes down, but it's all getting a bit wierd around here.

was once upon a time when you turned up on time every day and you got to keep your job!


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Over here if you want incentives you have to be at or near the top of the ladder or working for a mom&pop.

Our 'incentives' where I work is "SAFETY BINGO" if you win you get a $10.00 walmart gift card.. WOW WEE. I don't play, its more fun to get hurt and watch everyone else lose their bingo card and start over...LOL