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Going Home

Discussion in 'General' started by sydbristow, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. sydbristow

    sydbristow Rocket Ranger

    Dec 17, 2002
    Hey Everybody,

    All right this is my second fanfiction (I lost my first one in the server problem a while back.) I kind of combined things from my old story with new things that I just came up with.

    Also so you don't get confused.... I start out with the last little bit of the story and then begin 5 days earlier and so on.

    I hope you enjoy and if you have any comments or critisizm please let me know because I want my story to be as good as it can be.

    Thanks alot....
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  2. sydbristow

    sydbristow Rocket Ranger

    Dec 17, 2002
    Sydney Bristow had been jogging down a poor French ally when she finally stopped and pulled out the CIA's private cell phone.

    Agent Vaughn picked up: "Sydney is that you?"

    Syney was silent for a moment. Hearing Vaughns kind and worried voice was almost surreal to her after all she had been through during the last few days.

    "yes,yes it's me", she eventually replied.

    "Thank god", came Vaughns voice." We thought you were dead. Alright Syd we recieved your coordinates and we're coming to get you. Just stay put for a while."

    "I won't go anywhere", Sydney almost cried into the reciever."....and Vaughn?"

    "Yeah Syd?"


    With that, Sydney turned off the phone and slid to the filthy gravel ground of the ally. Closing her eyes she clutched a small package she was holding closer to her chest. I'm going home she thought. I am finally going home.

    This beginning was kind of short but because I am on Summer vacation, I will work hard on having more up every other day or so. :D

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