Golden Globes

What do you think of Jennifer Garner's loss at the Golden Globes?

  • It was her time to let somone else win

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  • It was good she didn't win - her quality has declined

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  • She SO should have won!!!

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I got reeeeealy mad and I was alos mad because i missed watching it. I reaaaaaaaaaaalll ywant her to win next year. Alias needs to win some major award it is sooooo much better than any other show


i was really mad too.i was even more mad when it was someone from the sorpranoes i hate that show.if marg helderbuger(i have no idea how to spell it)had won than i wouldn't have been as mad cause i also love csi my second favorite show after alias.
I hate the sopranos to. But you know what also bugged me was that the shield was nominated for best tv drama. That show sx i hate it sooo much. Alias is sooooo much better than that


I had my 3 closest friends over for the GGs in high hopes that Jen would win and was getting all excited...and then she didn't! :mad: I jumped up and yelled so loud! I wouldn' have been able to sleep that night if it wasn't for the 4 new Celine commercials that were on :P .