Golden Globes

Who do you think will win the award?

  • Frances Conroy: "Six Feet Under"

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  • Jennifer Garner: "Alias"

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  • Allison Janney: "The West Wing"

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  • Joely Richardson: "Nip/Tuck"

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  • Amber Tamblyn: "Joan of Arcadia"

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I know the actress that we all want to win this award but I'm curious to know which one you think will win the Best Actress in a Television Drama award. Even though I think Jennifer Garner does deserve it the most, the Hollywood Foreign Press, the body that gives away the Golden Globes, seems to like to award new shows and new talent. I'm picking Amber Tamblyn to win. Forgive me, Jennifer.
I'm hoping *fingers crossed* for Jennifer. She did really well in Season 3, but I have this feeling about the underdog winning. Jennifer was new when she won, and this girl from Joan of Arcadia is new and all. I hope I'm wrong about this...very wrong...


Jen's Best Friend
its a mix of jen and frances b/c six feet under is super popular, jone of arcadia, even tho its good, its pretty new so it will problably not win this year.
I really hope Jennifer Garner wins. Not just because i'm an alias fan but because she has a rather diffuclt role to play. I'm a drama student and i think it would be really hard to play Sydney Bristow.


I need sleep
I obviously want Jen to win, and I think she will. She has played a very difficult role in having to take on "mini-roles" for her aliases, having to switch from one persona to the next quite quickly. The only thing is, Jen has won for the past two years, and I am wondering if they are willing to give it to the same person three years in a row. I hope that made sense! ^_^


i voted for jg bec season 2 was really good and her acting was really great and more challenged esp during those irina-sydney moments. let's hope her talent is again recognized. ;)
frances conroy fron six feet under of course is also good, plus the fact that the show was one of the faves of so many award-giving bodies.
I've read on this website from other posters that Jennifer did win last year. I didn't think she did but I cannot remember who did win. I guess I must have fallen asleep because I just can't think of it. If she did win, that would've made 2 in a row for her. If that is the case, there's no way she'll win 3 in a row.
You're talking about Edie Falco. That sounds right. I've been trying to find a list of winners from last year, maybe I've overlooked it somewhere. I would believe that because "The Sopranos" have won a lot of awards recently, some undeservingly I think.


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ya last year i think edie falco won, somebody from the serpranos, it sucked major! i forgot if it was GG, or something else