Golden Globes

Dani 22 01 1979

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I don't think the clip is up as yet.

I went to Access Hollywood site. Couldn't see it there.

Unless it is well hidden, I then went to Jen Garner (Nope) and then finally Alias Media (Nope) hopefully by am oz time it will be up :) ;)
Gertie has the link of Jen's reaction to Access Hollywood about the GG nomination clip up at the JenGarner net.

The file is described as "2004 Golden Gloebe Nomination".

Take a look at the clip "2004 Elektra Press Junket - AH" for the joke that they played on Jen! How great was Jennifer's reaction when Access Hollywood's Tony Potts surprised her with the accusation that she had "come in between a high profile (Hollywood) couple"? Her eyes opened so wide and then she had a look of disbelief that someone would dare ambush her with such an accusation during a friendly interview.

Then when he showed her a picture of her with Miss Piggy and Kermit, Jen said "Oh God" in relief!

This was a genuine glimpse at Jennifer caught off-guard. She didn't go into a rage nor did she kick the reporter's butt. That was a rather mean trick to pull on Jen, yet she reacted like a lady. Jennifer is an angel! :angelic: :angelic: