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Jul 2, 2018
D.C had villains better than the heroes while Marvel good guys are their own worst enemies. What makes a good bad guy for comic book movies ?Do they have to survive like Loki? Some of Disney villains don't and they are very memorable.


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Jan 30, 2009
since film is a different medium, good comic qualities may not carry over.
Riddler was a very minor Batman villain until the tv show. Frank Gorshin's portrayal made Riddler legendary and he's become one of the top five Batman enemies since.
Lex Luthor in the comics is a charismatic, powerful and formidable entity. Jessie Eisenberg's portrayal of him in Dawn of Justice makes him look like a warped geek with too many toys. not just the actors fault; looks like he was playing the type of Luthor they wanted. (I thought Michael Rosenbaum's young Luthor in Smallville was great.)


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Dec 6, 2004
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Y'know, everyone loves the fun of the superhero comic book movies but I would like to see some of the old horror comic books come to life as well. Hellboy was okaaaaay but I'm talking the comics that gave a kid nightmares. The ones you read under the covers with a flashlight then couldn't sleep a wink.
Those are comic books too, y'know?

Pick a few stories from Eerie or Scream!, Nightmare, Psycho, Weird Mystery, Chamber of Chills, even Creepy.
Pull out some charcters and make a movie about them and see the response.

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