Dec 22, 2002
Title: Goodnight
Author: Kristin (Me!)
Disclaimer: I don’t own any characters that I don’t own. ;) Oh! And Evanescence owns the song, “Goodnight” (the lullaby in italics throughout the fic. ;))

A/N: For now, this is a one parter. I’m not sure if I’m gonna make a fic to go with it or not. “Donate” your opinion on that, if you don’t mind. :)

A gentle breeze swept in through the open window towards the crib that held a small baby. The baby let out a small cry, needing to go to sleep for the night. His mother heard the familiar sound and began to walk to his crib.

Once she reached into the crib, the baby’s bright blue, tear-filled eyes peered up at her. After seating herself in the rocking chair, she sang to her newborn child.

Goodnight, sleep tight. No more tears. In the morning I’ll be here. And when we say goodnight, dry your eyes, because we said goodnight and now goodbye. We said goodnight, and now goodbye.

With her softly sung song, the baby had fallen asleep. Sydney smiled down at her son. He reminded her so much of his father. She gently stood up with the light blond haired boy in her arms, and walked toward the window. As she came closer the setting son hit the gold band on her finger, causing it to glisten. She continued to hum the now familiar tune to her sleeping baby, as she gazed out the window.

It was a long time before that Sydney had ever felt safe. Even now she didn’t feel completely safe. Although she was no longer in the CIA, the possibility of Sloane coming after her were much slimmer, and she was far away from Los Angeles, she couldn’t help but feel threatened. She always felt like someone was watching her- someone from her past- someone who was forgotten.

Most of the time Sydney managed to push all those threatened feelings away. However, tonight it was different. This time she couldn’t make the feeling go away. It stuck with her. Something was going to happen.

Hearing footsteps in the room, she quickly spun around. A sigh of relief escaped her lips as she saw her husband approaching her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and gently kissed her.

“What’s wrong, Sydney?” he inquired.

“It’s nothing, Julian,” she quietly replied.

Sark looked at her for a minute, before deciding to change the subject. “How’s Luke?”

Sydney peered lovingly at her sleeping son. “He’s fine. He just needed to go to bed,” She looked up at her smiling husband. “He reminds me of you more every day.”

“He does look like me, doesn’t he?” Sydney nodded after he spoke. “Somewhat of a pity, though.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because now he looks less like his beautiful mother.”

Sydney smiled up at him. “I love you, Julian.”

He leaned in and kissed her. Then, suddenly, he moved away.

“What? What is it?” Sydney hastily inquired.

Sark motioned for her to be quiet. He proceeded into the hallway, whispering for her to stay in the room with Luke.

Before he knew what was happening, a bullet seared into Sark’s chest. He fell to the ground, dying instantly.

Back in the nursery Sydney heard Sark’s body hit the ground. She placed her baby in his crib, saying a silent prayer for his life. Then she ran into the hallway to her husband’s body. She knelt above him, her eyes filling with tears.

“Julian,” she softly said his name as the tears rolled down her cheeks. She spoke his name as if she said it with enough pleading he’d come back and once again hold her in his arms. Instead, he remained lifeless on the floor.

Down the hallway armed men had their guns raised. The guns were all pointed at Sydney. However, she didn’t even feel their stares.

“Stand up,” one man ordered, and Sydney did as she was told. “Stay were you are. In a few moments some men will come towards you. When they are ten feet away, get on your knees and put your hands behind your head. They will not hurt you unless-“

Sydney didn’t want for the man to finish. She had to get back to Luke, she had to protect him. Gathering all her strength, she began to run. The men fired at her, a single bullet piercing her stomach. She fell to the ground, then continued to the nursery in an agonizing crawl. She stood up long enough to reach into Luke’s crib and gently take him out. Then she fell to the ground, causing him to wake up and cry.

She forced herself to prop up against the wall, and shakily rocked back in forth. The little baby continued to cry, so Sydney began to hoarsely sing.

““ Goodnight, sleep tight…. No more tears. In the morning,” she stopped for air. “I’ll be here. And when we say goodnight, dry your eyes… because we said goodnight… and now goodbye. We said goodnight…. and now… goodbye.

At that moment, Sydney closed her eyes, but not before seeing she was not alone in the room. A pair of green eyes were staring at her in shock. She tried her hardest to remember who they belonged to, but she couldn’t remember. However, she knew they were the ones that had been watching her all along.

He whispered her name, but Sydney refused to respond. She kept her eyes closed, held her baby, and tried to get rid of the pain. It was then that Luke began to cry again. The wound in her stomach hurt too badly to rock him or hum to him. She could feel wet tears roll down her cheeks as the man in the room picked up her baby.

He began to sing the lullaby, ““ Goodnight, sleep tight. No more tears. In the morning I’ll be here. And when we say goodnight, dry your eyes, because we said goodnight and now goodbye. We said goodnight, and now goodbye.

Sydney couldn’t figure out how he knew that lullaby. She couldn’t remember where she heard it, but she knew had heard it from someone who loved her. She sang it to Luke every day. Now she wasn’t sure she’d ever get the chance.

She heard more footsteps, and felt herself being lifted from the floor. She was placed into someone’s arms. Arms she could vaguely remember. They were strong, yet loving.

“We need to get her to a doctor- now!” the man holding her urgently spoke. Sydney felt a tear fall from his face onto hers, but she couldn’t tell why.

She was even more puzzled with every passing moment. She could feel herself being carried out of the room.

“So, you’re name is Luke William. That’s a nice name. My father’s name was William. He’s gone now, but he was a good man. I know you’re mom, Luke. She’s strong, and kind. She would’ve taken good care of you, and if she’s okay, I know she will. Until then, I’ll make sure nothing happens to you. You’ll be safe with me. I promise.”

Tears rushed down Sydney’s face. She didn’t know how that man knew her, or why he promised her son to protect him. Sydney knew only one thing as she was gently placed into a helicopter. That one statement assured her that even if she died, her son would be all right, and that was enough for her to allow her to say goodbye.


Sep 18, 2003
great fic! i think you should continue. sarkie's dead! **sobs**

she doesn't remember vaughn? how'd that happen? i hope she's okay.
Dec 22, 2002
Thanks for the compliments, guys :D I'm more than likely going to continue this, I just need to make sure I'm doing it how I want to, and finishing my other fic.... :angelic: Thanks for replying! :)
Nov 18, 2003
Tucson, AZ
OMG!! I tried soooooooo hard not to cry, but what am I doing right now? Crying!!! And trying not to be too loud so my flatmates don't hear me!!! Even said "no" when Sark died, and I'm really not a big fan of him!! Vaughn was so sweet though with Luke, comforting him and saying that he would keep Syd safe. Hope she remembers who Vaughn is soon! Can I get a PM please when u update? Can't wait for more! :)
Dec 22, 2002
I tried soooooooo hard not to cry, but what am I doing right now? Crying!!! And trying not to be too loud so my flatmates don't hear me!!! Even said "no" when Sark died, and I'm really not a big fan of him!!
I hope you didn't wake anyone up! lol Sorry about that if me story caused angry flatemates! *eek*

pm me when more is up ok?
Once I've gotten everything together, I'll PM everyone who posted in the thread. :)

Thanks for all the replies, peoples! I appreciate 'em!
Dec 22, 2002
You want more of a Sarkney?! :P lol

I tried to write yesterday and the day before, but it wasn't working *sigh* But have no fear! I will try again this weekend ;)
Dec 22, 2002
Eh... it's been forever since I've posted. Not that I've had anything to post until today :rolleyes: , but still. I've finally finished chapter two. I hope it's good enough for the beginning! :unsure: Let me know what you think! ^_^

Chapter 2

Sydney felt a sharp pain as she turned in her sleep. She deeply inhaled before sitting up in bed. The pain hit her harder. She gently allowed her head to fall back onto the pillows and her back to rest on the soft mattress.

After taking several deep breaths in hopes of lessening the pain, she observed her surroundings. Sydney soon realized she was in a hospital, and, after following the pain that sprang up her body, found the wound in her stomach. Confusion swept over her as she searched her memory for any recollection of acquiring the wound and found none.

Sydney looked on the other side of the room and a small smile spread across her face. Her father sat in a nearby chair catching up on well-deserved sleep. Not wanting to disturb him, she returned to a comfortable position, closed her eyes, and drifted off to a deep sleep.


Sydney cracked the code to the safe in a large room on the third floor of the mansion. After carefully checking for an alarm and not finding one, she reached inside and pulled out a book.

“Page forty seven, right?” she asked through her comm.

“Yeah, the information we need to find the map should be on page forty seven,” Vaughn confirmed.

Sydney reached into her handbag and pulled out what appeared to be a mirror. She took pictures of the page, then placed the book back inside the safe.

“I got the pictures. I’ll meet you-“

“Syd? Syd, what’s going on?” Vaughn, clearly worried inquired.

“Sloane,” Sydney whispered. “Vaughn, he’s here. This could be my chance.”

“Your chance for what?”

“I’m going after him.”

“What? Syd, no. You can’t- not by yourself. Just meet me at the extraction point and we’ll come back with a team.”

“Sloane could be gone by then. I am not about to let the man that ruined my life get away. Not this time.”


Sydney turned off her comm. She then proceeded into the hallway. She had seen which room Sloane had entered into. After pulling out her gun, she quickly entered the room and aimed her gun at him.

Sloane was casually staring out the window, his back to her. He knew she was there, and she knew that he was aware of her presence. The eerie silence between them was broken when Sloane turned to face her.

“Hello, Sydney.”


Sydney sat up straight, her eyes wide open. Pain shot up her body. That same dream had repeated itself several times, but never went any further. The room spun and her stomach burned. Wincing, she laid back down. After blinking several times so she could adjust to the light and keep away tears, she saw her father staring at her from his chair.

“Dad,” she softly inquired. “What happened? Did I get hurt on my mission?”

Jack was silent for a minute, then he spoke. “We’re not sure what happened on the mission yet, Sydney.” After seeing Sydney’s puzzled look, he spoke. “I’m not sure you should hear all this so soon. You need to rest, and then later I can-“

“Dad,” Sydney interrupted. “I need to know. Just tell me, please.”

Jack nodded. “I know you think you’re ready, but, Sydney, just get some rest for now. We’ll talk later.”

He didn’t have to finish his sentence. Sydney was already asleep.


Sydney woke up to the sound of whispered voices. She recognized both of them. It was her father and Vaughn. As she opened her eyes, their conversation abruptly ceased and they made eye contact with her.

Her eyes then wandered around the room again. When she averted them to a chair, she saw a baby carrier. Amidst several soft, blue blankets, Sydney saw a pair of bright blue eyes staring intently, yet peacefully at her. For several minutes she couldn’t look away.

Finally, she forced herself to avert her eyes, and returned her gaze to her father and Vaughn. Her confused look made them believe she didn’t recognize the baby, but the inquiry she made shortly afterward confirmed their suspicion.

“Who’s baby is he?” she asked, her voice thick with confusion.

“Sydney,” Jack slowly began to speak. He then stopped himself, and instead asked. “What was the last thing you remember?”

She answered, sharing her most recent memory. Jack sat in silence, listening intently. Vaughn stood pacing, nodding his head as he too recalled the events. She stopped, then seeing the men’s expectant gaze, she said, “And that’s all I remember.”

Vaughn looked at Jack. Both men’s eyes were filled with pain. Sydney’s confused look caused Vaughn to cast his eyes to the ground, and Jack to heavily sigh.

“I’m not sure if you’re ready to hear this yet, Sweetheart,” Jack honestly stated. “I’ll tell you when you’re feeling-“

“Dad, it’s just a gunshot wound. I’ve had ones before; I’ve had worse before. Whatever you have to tell me, I need to hear it- right now.”

Jack, knowing that Sydney would persistently insist on knowing, nodded. “When you woke up earlier, you asked me about your mission. I told you that we didn’t know what had happened. That’s because you disappeared after you went after Sloane.”

“After you told me you were going after Sloane, I requested backup,” Vaughn picked up telling the story. “Then I went inside to find you, but you were no where to be found. It was as if you’d never been there.”

“He called me and told me you were missing. He came back to LA, told me the whole story, and I immediately prepared a search team.

“We didn’t have any leads for weeks. We just looked around the mansion for clues, any indication of where you could be, and waited to hear from or of Sloane. We found him twice, but he always managed to get away; you were nowhere in sight.

“After searching for some time without results, the team dismantled. However Vaughn and I continued our efforts.”

“Wait,” Sydney stopped them from continuing. “How long have I been gone? The team wouldn’t have stopped searching if I were only gone for a few months.”

Vaughn looked at Jack with uncertainty in his eye. Jack then softly told her, “Sydney, you’ve been gone for about a year and a half.”

Sydney stared in shock. She had been gone a year and a half. That time would never come back to her, and she didn’t even know how she had used it. Sydney determined that she would find out.

“Sweetheart?” Jack inquired softly. “I don’t have to tell you the rest now; it can wait.”

“No,” Sydney firmly replied. “I want to hear it all.”

Jack nodded, and continued. “Last week we received intel stating the whereabouts of Mr. Sark’s new home- and that Sloane was going to meet him there. I assembled a tactical team. We were told that if the opportunity arose to take out Sloane and Sark.

“The time came, after everything was planned, for us to go. We were hopeful of finding you there.”

Vaughn began to speak again. “We cautiously entered the building. No one was around. Then we heard some voices up on the second floor.

“We went up the stairs and down the hall. Sark came out of a room, and I had a clear view of him. So I shot, and he fell to the ground. We all assumed he was dead.

“And then,” he paused and took a deep breath. “And then a woman came out of the room. We told her not to move, but she did, so one of the agents shot her. She still managed to go back into the room she and Sark came from.

“I went into the room to find her. She was sitting up against the wall, rocking a baby. I had already assumed she was Sark’s wife, and when I saw a wedding ring on her hand and the baby, I knew she was. When I got closer- that’s when I realized… Syd, it was you.”

Tears were softly falling from Sydney’s eyes and flowed down her cheeks. Both men were looking at her with sad eyes. She turned her glossy eyes to the baby again.

“He’s mine, isn’t he? That baby’s mine…” Jack nodded and looked to the sleeping baby. “Can I- can I hold him?” she inquired softly, her voice wavering as she spoke.

Vaughn walked over to the chair where the baby slept in his carrier. He gently lifted the baby without waking him and placed him in Sydney’s arms.

She smiled at the sleeping child, then kissed his head. “Do you know his name? Or how old he is?” Sydney longingly asked her father.

“Luke William,” he replied. “Is his name. We aren’t sure how old he is. I can find out for you.”

Sydney nodded. “What else happened?”

“Your dad carried you to your helicopter. I carried Luke and some of his toys and clothes. There were only five agents there to begin with, and we all left- the others to get things to get Sark’s body out of there. Since you were hurt we left shortly afterward. We brought you here and Jack filled the CIA in on what happened.”

Sydney looked from her father to Vaughn, and saw the same thing in their eyes: concern. “There’s something else, isn’t there?”

Vaughn looked to Jack, who spoke. “Sydney, when the agents went back to get Sark’s body… it was gone. He disappeared.”

Good ^_^ or bad -_- ?


Sep 18, 2003

did sloane take it?
she doesn't remember?
how did she get to be sark's wife?
update soon this time!

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