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Halloween is almost upon us, time to have some fun with Google Assistant! :ghost: Your Google Assistant, either on your phone or Google Home device, recognizes several Halloween related commands and, only when it's close to Halloween, will respond accordingly.


Commands often have a few different responses so try asking the same command multiple times or in different ways. ;) Some general commands, like "How are you?", are good all year round but will give different responses based on the time of year it is with Halloween specific responses only happening near the holiday.

"OK, Google ..."
  • "Let's get spooky!" - Will play spooky Halloween music and effects, change your Hue enabled lights, and play videos on your Chromecast. UPDATE: This year it only plays the sounds, no lights or Chromecast this time. :(
  • "Are you celebrating Halloween?" - Replies with what she/he will be doing on Halloween.
  • "Boo!" - Screams and replies "You scared me."
  • "Do you know any scary stories?" - Will tell a scary story. The key words "scary story" so you can use alternatives like "Tell me a scary story." as well.
  • "Scare me!" - Will tell a scary story.
  • "Happy Halloween!" - Responds with one of several responses.
  • "It’s almost Halloween!" - Offers to tell a scary story.
  • "Add Halloween candy to my shopping list.” -
  • "Trick or treat?" - Welcomes you to her/his house and offers candy.
  • "Are you celebrating Halloween?" - Replies with that they'll be doing on Halloween.
  • "What are you going to be for Halloween?" - Says that she/he will be a ghostly assistant and plays ghost sounds.
  • "What should I wear for Halloween?" - Answers your question but only after answering the door for trick-or-treaters! Makes you take a quiz before answering the question. Pretty long interaction. Alternatives like "What should I be for Halloween?" triggers the same quiz.
  • "I want to hear something spooky" - Plays random Halloween songs.
  • "Give me a Halloween sound." - Plays spooky sounds.
  • "Tell me a Halloween joke." - Asks you to interact with "Halloween Mysteries" which lists facts, not jokes.
  • "Tell me a scary joke." - Tells a joke.
  • "Tell me a Halloween fact." - Gives a random fact about the holiday.

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