Google offers "Right to be forgotten" form for EU residents

Azhria Lilu

Nov 18, 2002
Derbyshire, UK
The European Union has ruled that members of the EU have a "right to be forgotten" on the internet. They have declared that all people have the right to get irrelevant or outdated information erased upon request.

Google have stated that they will assess each request and judge based on the privacy rights of the individual with the public's right to know and distribute information".

In an article on the BBC, the site states that they have information to show that at least half the requests sent to Google from the UK are from convicted criminals, citing an example of one man having been convicted of possessing child abuse images and had requested that links to his conviction be wiped from the search engine. (

Is there any information you'd like to see removed about you on Google? Would you fill the form in requesting it be removed? Their form requests that each person submit proof of identity, but that it doesn't need to be a Government recognised document - which begs the question of how can an upload of any old document be proof that the person uploading it is who they say they are?
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