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Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by Mystifying Mermaid, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. Mystifying Mermaid

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    Dec 20, 2002
    Deep in the heart of Kansas...
    I do not own Alias in any way shape or form.

    Chapter One: The Whirlwind

    Jack Bristow strode into the Joint Task Force Offices. His appearance gave no sign of what he was about to do. Little did all the secretaries and agents know the phenomenon that was to occur on today, of all days.

    The day was April Seventh. Also known on the calendar as 4-7-02. This day would indeed be intriguing. It left in it's wake so much gossip that a chain of it still lasted ten years later.

    For Jack Bristow was headed to Irina Derevko's cell. He didn't want to, of course, but he had to. He stood stock still as the gates that guarded the felon came down. He gritted his teeth.

    He pressed a gadget that jammed the camera. It went of with a slight click. He stealthily pulled out a key to the cell.

    Irina turned around, stopping her meditation. She took a double take at what she saw. She had expected her daughter, not her husband. Something was definatly wrong here.

    Irina: "What are you doing here?"

    Jack was fiddling with the lock at the moment. He grunted in response. He looked up for a moment and then went back to his work, sticking out his tongue.

    Jack: "Get your stuff. We're leaving."

    A puzzled look crossed Irina's face. She shrugged and picked up the few belongings she had. Jack finally opened the door and he came in, a package in hand.

    He handed her the package.

    Irina: "What's this for?"

    Jack: "You didn't think they'd just let you escape, did you? There's a change of clothes in there, along with a wig, some makeup, a purse and some jewelry."

    Jack grabbed the purse from the package and began putting her things in there. He grabbed her Bible and her earrings and placed them carefully inside the bag.

    Irina was shocked by this gesture. Why was he being so careful with her stuff? She snapped out of it and grabbed the dress.

    The dress was green and backless and made of a velvety fabric. A blonde wig was included along with a pretty diamond choker and matching earrings and bracelets.

    She took off her shirt. Jack got finished putting away the stuff a few moments before. He looked up. He stared. Irina laughed at his zombie-like look. He shook his head, as if to clear the thoughts, and she put the dress over her head.

    She pulled the dress down until it fit. She removed her pants and grabbed a mirror from the purse and looked at herself.

    Jack: "Irina, we don't have all day! The cameras go back on in 10 minutes."

    Irina: "Okay. Just help me put on my jewlery while I do my make-up."

    Jack: "Okay."

    He grabbed the necklace while she pulled up her hair with one hand while doing her lipstick with the other. He put the necklace around her neck and fastened the clasp. He reached for the earrings, which were right next to her eyeliner.

    Their hands brushed. In another situation, they might have blushed. In order for that to happen, however, they would have had to be totally different people. Anyways, they quickly retracted their hands and grabbed the objects.

    Jack carefully put the earrings in both ears while Irina put the finishing touches on her make-up. After they completed that, they began to put on Irina's wig.

    When they finished, Jack locked the door and they walked down the hallway 1 minute before the camera turned back on. Jack was about to leave when Irina grabbed his arm. He flinched.

    Irina: "Jack, wait! If we come out of here looking like this they're going to suspect something."

    Jack frowned and thought a moment.

    Jack: "You're right."

    Jack looked Irina up and down. Then, suddenly, and idea dawned on him.

    Jack grabbed her shoulders. Irina looked perplexed by his actions.

    Jack: "Kiss me."

    Irina was starting to think he was on heroin, or something, like Sydney's friend, Mr. Tippin. This took the cake. What was she supposed to do?


    Chapter Two: The Kiss of the Shrink

    Irina crossed her arms over her chest. She would not take advantage of Jack in...Whatever state he was in. She wondered if he was drunk. No, she doubted that he could make it here and not kill her if he were. What was up?

    Irina: "No, Jack. I don't know what on Earth is wrong with you right now, but I do know that kissing you would be something we would both regret tomorrow."

    Jack was a bit impressed by her motivations for not kissing him, but he did not show it. He figured that she was probably lying, or trying to make up for all those 10 years that she HAD taken advantage of him.

    Jack: "If you don't initate it, then it's up to me, I guess."

    Jack advanced towards Irina. Irina backed up. She was nearly against the wall.

    Irina: "Sorry about this, Jack, but I just can't allow this to happen."

    Irina aimed a kick at Jack's mid-section. He dodged it. Irina saw this as an opening. She ran towards the door. Jack blocked her path. Irina gulped, she really didn't want to do this.

    Irina attempted to punch Jack. Jack gently caught her fist in his palm. Irina tried her other fist. Jack performed the same manuver on this fist as on the first. He suddenly leaned his head down and kissed her hands. Irina was shocked.

    Again, she pondered what exactly was possessing Jack to do this to her. She was positive that they both knew that he hated her. At least, she thought she was positive.

    Jack leaned in and kissed Irina. Irina was very shocked. Jack broke apart and looked at her a moment, before returning to kissing her passionately. She was very confused. She broke apart from Jack.

    Irina flushed.

    Irina: "What was that for?"

    Jack suddenly kissed her again. Irina felt embarrassed. Why did he keep kissing her? She broke away from Jack's inticing lips.

    Irina: "Wha-"

    She was interrupted by Jack putting a finger to her lips. She could feel his breath on her face, he was so close.

    Jack: "Hush. You were right when you said we couldn't walk out there looking like we did awhile ago. So, I fixed that little problem. If you had just done as I asked, that whole little scene would never have been necessary."

    His voice regained its ice-cold stony tone. Irina flinched at the abrupt change in moods. For a second there, it had seemed...

    Irina: "What's your brilliant plan, then?"

    Jack smirked and handed her the handmirror. She glanced at herself in it. Her lipstick was smeared, her hair disheveled, and a strap of her dress was hanging off her shoulder.

    Jack: "My plan was to mess up our pristine appearance so we would look like a pair of lovers secretly meeting in a hallway. Hence me asking you to kiss me. Now, if I ever ask you that again, you will do as I say, got it?"

    Irina: "Yes. But why would we meet in this particular hallway and why would the dress and two CIA officers meeting not be unsual?"

    Jack smiled a genuine smile. She had not missed a beat.

    Jack: "Look at yourself in the mirror again. Who do you look like that works for the CIA?"

    Irina was again confused. She stared at the hair and the eyes. She got a vision of a woman in an office. She had a calm voice and was jotting things on a notepad furiously.

    What was that woman's name? She remembered seeing her when she first came to the CIA. She had been sent there for a...Oh, what was it called? It was 2 shortened words and it began with P. Oh! She had it! Pysch. Eval. That mean the woman was a shrink.

    Irina: "I look like the shrink...her first name was Jude, or Jody, or something to that effect."

    Jack smiled again. She was catching on.

    Jack: "You are talking about Judy Barnett, I believe. Yes. That is why I kissed you."

    Irina had a look of horror on her face.

    Irina: "You kissed me because I looked like her?! Is there something you need to tell me, Jack?"

    Jack laughed at her reaction.

    Jack: "Of course not. Now, I know that all office buildings have gossip mills, but the one at the CIA is by far the worst. You should have heard some of the things that I heard about our daughter and her handler. Anyways, I have overheard many little secretaries yapping their precious heads off about Ms. Barnett having a little thing for me."

    Irina began laughing hysterically. She wished he would be funny more often.

    Jack: "Anyways, I used this and your looks to my advantage. And for the answers to your questions, does a woman dress up on a date. Of course, you were just doing that. And what better unconspicous place to meet than your ex-wife's cell? It might be against protocol, but, I've been known to screw protocol in the past."

    Irina nodded, understanding.

    Jack: "Now, come on, let's go."

    He grabbed her hand and led her out of the hallway that connected Irina's cell and the Joint Task Force Offices.

    Secretaries nearby all swiveled their heads towards the "happy" couple. They all accidentally messed up whatever job they were doing and gleefully ran to gab on the phone to their CIA buddies.

    They breezed out of the main room and speedwalked towards the elevators.

    Kendall had watched them pass. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief. Had that just been JACK Bristow, of ALL people, HOLDING hands with Dr. BARNETT? He would have thought that it would be his daughter, but as he looked at the ground, before he passed out from the shock of seeing Jack and Barnett with a noticably disheveled look that insinuated things that were too painful to visualize, he noticed a strand of blond hair. It had not been a mirage after all.

    On their way out, they met Vaughn. He greeted them warmly.

    Vaughn: "Hey, Jack, Irina!"

    Jack and Irina nodded. Then they realized his mistake. Jack and Irina fled to the parking lot. Vaughn dropped his coffee.

    Vaughn: "What's she doing outside her cell? Hey, why do I care? I should call Sydney."

    Meanwhile, Jack and Irina had reached Jack's car. Jack began driving.

    Irina: "Where are we going?"


    Chapter Three: Home

    Jack turned to Irina.

    Jack: "Home."

    Jack turned his eyes back to the road, as if he were suddenly shy. This made a small smile cross Irina's face.

    Jack drove to his house. It had been their house, when Irina had lived there. They got out of the car. Jack opened the door for Irina. She mock-curtsied and thanked him for opening it.

    Irina: "What are we doing?"

    Jack grabbed some files and a briefcase. He opened the briefcase and put the files in it. He looked up.

    Jack: "You're coming to SD-6 with me. We'll throw Sloane, Marshall, Dixon, Sydney, and even Sark for a loop."

    Irina: "Okay."

    She paused.

    Irina: "Why are you doing all this? Screwing protocol? Freeing an enemy of the United States? The woman who betrayed you? Treating me nice? Kissing me? Holding my hand? Why? I have given you no reason to trust me or even care for me, so why do you? Or do you even?"

    Jack let a surprised look cross his face. Something was wrong here. She didn't know what it was, but it was wrong. He did have a reason. Jack seemed to be in thought for a moment.

    Jack: "There are lots of reasons why I'm doing this. I, unlike Mr. Vaughn, do not care of protocol. You might be an enemy of the United States and I an officer of the CIA, but I am a man and you are a woman. Can I make it anymore obvious? I was raised a gentleman, so I treat all women nice, except Barnett, but she doesn't count. The reason that you gave me to care about you is simple. You are yourself. That is all that matters. Russian, American, Man, Woman, CIA, KGB, Terrorist, Patriot, none of that matters. You can't control your feelings towards people. I know from experience. And I know that I love you, Irina Derevko! I want you to love me too."


    - Sandra :angelic:
  2. Okay... that was a bit........ unusal? :sideroll: i mean Jack of all people.... hum.... Original! I like it!
  3. Scarlet Crystal

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    Dec 30, 2002
    that is a good idea!
    i really would like irina and jack to get together!
  4. Scarlet Crystal

    Scarlet Crystal Bibbity Rabbity

    Dec 30, 2002
    there better be more coming soon!
  5. The Kate Vartan

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    Dec 16, 2002
    whoa! that was interesting. i wonder where you are going with this.
  6. alias8000

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    May 26, 2003
    o-kay. that was very... weird, unusual. I'd never imagine this. well, it's something different. I wonder what this will lead to.
  7. Double Agent

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    Dec 19, 2002
    Michael Vartan's bed ;)
    well this is quite the strange concept..jack bristow..? have we been watching the same show? lol. actually on that train j and i were sorta reminicsing..hehe. good idea though..very original!! and well written..more soon?
  8. Sunfire_77

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    Dec 29, 2002
    Right where I am sitten
    I like how you used Jack, the silent unuasal one as the Traitor kinda guy. Original. :)
  9. Ilikesloane

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    Dec 12, 2002
    good job very well written write more soon I hope

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