Got a Question About a Book?

I'm an avid book reader and I've also worked in a bookstore for over a year, so if anyone has a question about a book, new or old, or wants a recommendation for a certain genre, I'll be happy to answer any questions!
DarkAngelEnder said:
ever read The Life of Pi? Im curious about how good that one is

Life of Pi is, just in case you don't know, not about the number. (ha.) It's a really amazing book in my opinion, and most of my friends' also. It's the kind of book that's a pretty quick read, so if you don't have a lot of spare time, it's a good book for you. It's really clear and good for pretty much any age. I'd recommend it to you, it's kind of inspiring too. Just a warning, it's got a bit of religion entwined into it just in case you aren't into that.

Quick synopsis: Teenager Pi Patel (from India) has to move to Canada because of his dad, a zookeeper. On the way, the ship wrecks and Pi is stranded with one other person and several animals. It's the story of his adventure and trials.

If you read it and end up liking it, you should check out The Secret Life of Bees, also. That's another good one.