Got Rejected

I found out this hotline from one of my friends, its hillarious. Instead of giving out your number to some stranger you meet at a dance or club or w/e you can give them this number. It starts off as "Hi, the person who gave you this number doesn't want to speak to you ever again. You have been officially . . . REJECTED."
You can listen to poetry, leave messages, hear people laugh at you everything :lol: Most of the numbers are only for California but some are for Arizona too. Here they are:

(213) 363-5412 Los Angeles, CA
(310) 495-5412 Culver City, CA
(323) 281-9412 Montebello, CA
(408) 344-9412 San Jose, CA
(510) 699-5412 Oakland, CA
(562) 223-5412 Compton, CA
(602) 530-4412 Phoenix, AZ
(619) 801-5412 San Diego, CA
(623) 412-6412 Phoenix, AZ
(623) 487-2412 Phoenix, AZ
(626) 207-5412 Pasadena, CA
(714) 607-5412 Anaheim, CA
(760) 204-5412 San Marcos, CA
(818) 663-5412 Van Nuys, CA
(909) 650-5412 San Bernardino, CA
(916) 219-5412 Sacramento, CA
(949) 256-5412 Saddleback Valley, CA

Try one out for yourself :lol: Its so funny! For more information go to :D
Weak... If you want to reject someone you must be brave enough to do it yourself. And besides, it's more fun to do it yourself also.


VaughnFan13 said:
haha....didnt everyone know about this? my friends will give this number out to guys who are jerks but the majority know of it already
yeah, its been on the news and all ... even Diane Sawyer had a story on this # on PrimeTime some time ago ...

and no, its very right to give these numbers to unwanted solicitors ... why do it personally if you can show them it in this way ... very funny and outrageous ...


:angry: This is exactly the sort of stupid idiotic thing that I expect of our society in general and our news media in particular. Simple things for simple minds I guess...

My son decided it would be great fun to put this number on his cell phone instead of keeping a decent voicemail prompt.

His mom has cancer and he is rejecting all calls so there is no way to tell him that mom is dying...!

So I did what any responsible parent would do... I suspended his cell phone account; which ought to get his attention in about 12 hours when he finds out that his cell phone was turned off by dear ole' Dad in order to get his attention.