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Gotcha! Opus 2 Final Chapter

Discussion in 'General' started by lenafan, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. lenafan

    lenafan Rocket Ranger

    Jan 22, 2003
    So. California
    :cool: So here we are Four Days and a few hours away from "Truth Takes Time" and now the final chapter of Opus 2. Emily has not been around in my stories until now. Since she is featured in our next spy episode, it was time I put my spin on her character. :rolleyes:
    So I took care of Sark (he was signed for what - 12 episodes?); now I provide an answer to the question: does she betray Arvin or stay with him.

    JJ Abrams owns the characters, but the fans own their hearts. (y)

    And now.... :ph34r:

    Gotcha! Opus 2
    Part 4
    Los Angeles
    Sydney took the GPS tracker and looked at it. Irina was in Italy. Why was she there? She saw that Vaughn was away from his desk. She needed time off. Kendall was in his office. She knocked on his door and entered.
    “Yes, Sydney?” She was now on a first name basis with him. Her value to the CIA was incalculable. She had been the brightest part and the fieriest. Her passion to get Sloane had translated itself into new purpose at the op center.
    “Any word on my parents?”
    He shook his head. “Sorry.”
    “I need some time off. I can’t think or work while there’s no word about them.”
    “How much?” He couldn’t deny her this.
    “A week?”
    He nodded. “Very well, Sydney. We’ll keep you posted if we learn anything.”
    She left the office and saw that Michael was at his desk. She walked over. “Michael, I’m taking time off. I’m useless here. Kendall authorized it.”
    He stood up and looked at her. “Sydney, I have some news, but I don’t want anyone but you to know.”
    Her heart skipped a beat. “You found them?”
    “The men I talked too, looking for some sign your mother lied to us. Well, I also told them if they ever saw her to let me know. Of course, I was looking for her prior to her giving herself up.
    “But,” he continued quietly, “someone called on my private cell. She was seen, in Lucerne, Switzerland with a man whose description fits Jack.”
    “They’re in Florence, Italy now,” she answered. “I’m going to find them. I want to know what the hell is going on!”
    “I’m coming with you!”

    Cortona, Italy
    Neither had spoken since breakfast, each deep in their own thoughts. Jack concentrated on his driving. They were approaching the exit for Cortona, which was south of the autostrada. The countryside was typical of Tuscany, probably the most beautiful part of Italy, and the most romantic. Golden fields, rolling hills with farms and villas perched here and there. Small family vineyards, and acres of olive trees all lent themselves to enhancing the glorious scenery.
    Irina stared out of the window of the car. Where was Jack going? And why? She tried compartmentalizing her thoughts. Something was standing outside of her mind. She knew whom but couldn’t quite…then it hit her. She turned her head toward Jack.
    “You’ve found Emily!” She exclaimed.
    He looked at her, “Yes!”
    “Sloane could be there by now,” she advised.
    “Perhaps! But I think he’s too busy trying to find you. By this time, he knows it was Sark at the bottom of the cliff.”
    “Why Emily?” She shifted uncomfortably in the seat.
    “I want to know if she knew what Sloane has been doing all these years.”
    “And then what?” She hadn’t seen Emily for over twenty years.
    “We’ll see when we get there.”
    He checked the map he had. They finally came to a narrow dirt road. Jack stopped and looked at her. “You all right?” She seemed nervous and apprehensive. That was not like her. Irina was always in control.
    “Yes. Fine.” She lied.
    Jack drove for about a half mile, then turned left into a circular driveway and parked. “Ready?”
    She was silent, then opened the car door and stepped out. This was going to be interesting. Jack took her left arm and walked to the door. There was a bell hanging on the wall next to it. He pulled the cord.
    The door opened and Emily stared at them in shock. She blinked as though to make sure she was seeing whom she was seeing.
    “Hello Emily,” said Jack. “I believe you remember Laura.”
    Her eyes flicked to Irina, who had an enigmatic smile on her face. “Hello, Emily. It’s been a long time.”
    Emily was still staring.
    “You know,” said Jack, leaning forward and kissing her on the cheek, “I am glad that you are still alive. Can we come inside?”
    “Y-yes!” She stood to one side while Jack, his arm around Irina, walked inside the restored villa. She shut the door her heart racing, perspiration breaking out on her forehead. “Come out to the terrace.”
    They sat down, Emily on Jack’s left. She looked scared. “Wh-what are you doing here? How did you find the villa?”
    “Arvin is the reason we’re here. How I found it, doesn’t matter.” He said. We’ve known each other for over 30 years and I need to know the answer to a question.” He paused. “Are you aware of what he has done the last few weeks? Did you know he ordered the device that burned dozens of people alive in Mexico City and that by doing so, is being labeled a terrorist?”
    Emily glanced at Irina who was watching Jack through narrowed eyes. Her dark eyes swung to look at Emily without any emotion showing on her face. Jack sensed an undercurrent between the two women, but wasn’t sure if it was because Irina was here, or something else. He had felt Irina’s discomfiture when she knew they were coming to see Emily. What was going on?
    Emily said nothing. She did not answer and that was answer enough for Jack, who looked at Irina. She looked pale.
    “Are you feeling O.K.?” he asked Irina.
    “Yes, for now.”
    “What’s wrong with you?” said Emily.
    “Arvin ordered Sark to kill her. She survived, he didn’t!” Jack’s statement was harsh and unforgiving.
    Emily went white. Now she thought she knew why they were here. They were going to wait for Arvin to come. She glanced at Irina who stared back. The three of them stared out across the silent valley. They could see headlights in the distance, heading towards them.
    “Could I get you something to drink,” she asked, breaking the silence.

    Jack was lifting his glass of wine when he saw someone move toward them from the corner of the house. He reached inside his jacket pocket.
    “Mom! Dad! How nice to find you.”
    Irina jumped up, her eyes widening in astonishment. “Sydney!”
    Their daughter came in closer. She was not smiling as she looked at her mother. “You lied to me. You’ve done nothing but lie ever since you came back. You betrayed me again!”
    “Sydney, please,” Irina took a step toward her. Sydney slapped her hard.
    Her mother reeled, stumbled and fell, gasping, “Jack!”
    He immediately jumped up and kneeled beside her. “Don’t move.”
    Sydney stared. Her mother was in genuine pain. She’d only slapped her. She took two steps toward her parents.
    “Don’t any of you move.” Emily held a gun on them. Jack looked at her in surprise. Syd’s eyes widened with the sight of her friend holding a gun on them.
    Irina was trying not to gasp or take deep breaths. The pain was excruciating. She felt nauseated. She barely heard what was going on between the other three. She didn’t even want to think about them. She tried to calm herself, to concentrate on taking shallow breaths now.
    “Looks like I’ve got the Bristows,” said Emily. “Arvin will be pleased.”
    Sydney stared down at Irina, then at her father, “What’s wrong with her?”
    “Sark threw her off a balcony. She broke two ribs on her right side.” Jack put his hand on Irina’s shoulder.
    Sydney felt terrible.
    Jack looked at his daughter’s stricken face. “It’s all right, honey,” he tried to reassure her. “If it’s any consolation to you, your mother took Sark with her, but he wasn’t as lucky. You’ll never have to worry about him again.”
    ‘’She killed Sark,” Emily laughed. “Arvin probably underestimated Irina again. I don’t know why after all these years.”
    Jack looked at her and then at Irina. She had called Irina by her real name. He wasn’t sure if Arvin ever discussed SD-6 business at home, but he doubted Emily had been informed of anything, especially Irina Derevko’s name. He looked at Irina who seemed to be focusing on trying to gather herself together. Sydney was still at odds with herself.
    “When do you expect Arvin?” he asked.
    “Not for several hours.” She waved the gun at him. “Pick her up.”
    “No,” Irina said, “I’ll try getting up on my own.” She held out her right hand to Sydney, who took it.
    Before anyone could react, Irina pushed Sydney into Emily. She dropped the gun. Irina closed her eyes as pain as sharp as knives ripped through her right side. Jack hurried to her. “Sit down.” He ordered. “That was foolish. Sydney could have been shot.”
    She shook her head, “She doesn’t like guns. She doesn’t know too much about them. The safety was on.”
    Sydney looked at the gun. The safety was on as her mother said. A moment later, Vaughn appeared. Sydney had said to give her five minutes then show up just in case there was a problem. They were going to take Irina and Jack back.
    Irina looked at Emily. “You know, I think I’d take her too! She’ll call Arvin as soon as we leave. We can let her go at the airport.”
    “You devil,” screeched Emily.
    Sydney and Jack looked at her then at Irina. “Why would she?” said Jack.
    “Sydney, Jack, I’d like to introduce you to Katerina Ospenskiya Derevko. She is a cousin. Your second cousin, Sydney, and Arvin Sloane’s own KGB wife!” She gave a short but painful laugh.

    Los Angeles
    The cellblock doors opened and closed as the Marshals led the prisoner to her room. Because of her injury, her wrists were cuffed in front of her. They released her. Irina stood a moment, taking small breaths still. Deep ones punished.
    She looked around. Jack stood at the window, grinning.
    “Give me the book.”
    Irina walked to her bunk, lifted up the mattress and brought it to the pass thru drawer. “Jack, thanks for the adventure. I could say it was rib-tickling, but I would have to laugh and I can’t do that yet.”
    He smiled. He put his hand on the window. She placed hers against the pane on her side. They looked at each other. The promise, a future they did not know. But today, they had the past ten days. They would remember how each other felt in the other’s arms, how they felt being held. It would be these memories that would sustain them.

    Hope you like this. I'm working on a love story featuring Syd and Vaughn that I hope to have done between TTT and Endgame. Deadfall is first though as it is a lead in story to the one I call "Deja Vu". (S/V)
  2. Tex

    Tex Captain

    Jan 8, 2003
    So good! I liked the Emily twist. The Italy descriptions were nice. I was there this past summer so it brings back memories.
  3. lenafan

    lenafan Rocket Ranger

    Jan 22, 2003
    So. California
    :D I love Italy. Been there twice, most recently this past Oct/Nov. It's my favorite country in western Europe. It might crop up again in some other stories. (y) (y)
  4. Irina Bristow

    Irina Bristow Rocket Ranger

    You were right when you said I wouldn't see that coming. I never would have thought Emily to be KGB, wow, I still don't know how you do it. Poor Irina and Jack never get a break, and I still can't get over Emily (I should try to keep in mind, this never happened, but that doesn't seem to work ;) ) I can't wait for your next piece!!! :woot: Deadfall if I recall!

    Again off topic, but yes I love Italy as well, I was born there, in Sicily. We still have a house there and go back every summer, it's so beautiful, I would love to move back.
  5. The Kate Vartan

    The Kate Vartan Rocket Ranger

    Dec 16, 2002
    woah!!! that was so unexpected! your twist is great! excellent work.
  6. Kida

    Kida Scout

    Mar 13, 2003
    Lenafan, have you ever consider posting some of your work at boards with more J/I fans such as sd-1? Oh, by the way, I enjoy your fics.

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