For Sale Graphic Novels,Trading Cards and DVDs For Sale.

Hi all :D

I've got a few trade paperbacks, DVDs and trading cards on offer, and I would really love it if they could go to a good, appreciative home, ie a fellow enthusiast. Here are the lists. Just shoot me an email if you are interested in anything or have any questions (y)

Civil War-Amazing Spiderman.

Civil War-The Road to Civil War.

Green Lantern-Rebirth.

JLA-World War Three.

Superman/Batman-Public Enemies.

JLA-Divided We Fall.

JLA-Terror Incognita.

Superman-The Wedding and Beyond.

JLA-American Dreams.

JLA-Rock of Ages.

Superman-End of the Century.

Superman-The Death of Clark Kent.

They are all in great condition apart from "Divided We Fall" which has some minor blemishes and "World War Three", which was an ex library copy.

I have a selection of X-Files Trading cards on offer. They include an un-opened box of Season Three cards, a selection of cards from Season One and 17 un-opened packs, and also a selection of cards from Season Two, with 13 un-opened packs to accompany it. They have all been stored away carefully, and the cards are all in brilliant condition, as new really.

I have an assortment of Batman (Michael Keaton era) movie trading cards, and also Superman 2 movie trading cards on offer. As the picture shows I have some original un-opened packs from Batman and Batman Returns, plus I also have a huge stack of cards that have been opened, but stored away and in mint condition. There are also some stickers that came from the series.

I have a huge selection of Superman 2 movie cards as well, some near complete sets of the collection, and some that are still packaged and un-opened. They are all in mint condition too (see picture) I have quite a selection of both really, so I would be more than happy to separate them, or mix and match.

I have three Transformers annuals from the 80s (1985, 1987 and 1988) on offer. they are still in pretty good condition, considering that they are now 25+ years old. One of the annuals does have my name written in the front, and the 85 annual has a wee bit of wear and tear evident. Just thought I'd put them out there, if anybody felt nostalgic for their lost youths :smiley:

I have the following Marvel and DC animated DVDs on offer:

Hulk Vs...

Spiderman Animated Series 2003.

The Incredible Hulk. (ex library copy)

All Star Superman.

Superman/Batman-Public Enemies (Brand new and unopened.)

Green Lantern-First Flight.

JLA-Paradise Lost.

JLA-Starcrossed-The Movie.

JLA-The Brave and the Bold.

JLA-Justice on Trial. (ex-library copy)

Superman-A Little Piece of Home.

The Batman/Superman Movie.