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An Old Friend
Wizard World Los Angeles, which runs Friday through Sunday (March 14-16,) will be the first stop of
Avatar Press’ yearlong tour with Wizard World 2008! And Avatar is coming out the gate full throttle…

Attending the event courtesy of Avatar Press will be Jacen Burrows, artist from Garth Ennis’ hard-hitting miniseries 303 and Chronicles of Wormwood. Burrows has also worked on series with Warren Ellis’ such as Dark Blue and Scars, as well as The Courtyard and Yuggoth Cultures by Alan Moore. Fans of the demented fright franchise 2001 Maniacs, which features horror icon Robert Englund, can also meet Tim Sullivan at the Avatar Press booth, the director of the film and writer of the 2001 Maniacs Special comicbook. Continue Reading »