Sci-Fi Great Science Fiction Recommendation from the AMAZON

meh. mostly series books, which frustrate me.
every time I go on Amazon I get recommendations, often the same handful of overstock, I mean presumably popular, tomes.
You should check out the Evolve series.

Its different but its definitely intriguing! Id Love to see what people say about this novel.

Its pretty far out there. It talks about a bio-technological virus that puts people under the control of a computer program and gives them special abilities. It also talks in detail about a whole new world of secret societies. Secret societies with a crazy twist going back to ancient Sumerian cultures and rituals that most people never heard of. Anyway its really good so check it out, Im sure it will inspire some interesting chats!, Evolve: The Brink of War!


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It seems interesting; however, it also reminds me about Matrix. I will check it out; it might be great new read.

Here is a recommendation for you EvermoreJ (and everyone else) my first debut novel Nastragull is very controversial and have become a best seller on the amazon several times. Check it out, and today it's free...sorry I have no shame when it comes to marketing...I would be very grateful to hear what people on this forum Thinks my story.