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Fantastic Fiction has 6000 author bios on file, info on 120,000 books and the latest titles.
On each page there is an alpha index which is sortable by genre.
On the author pages you will find:

  • A photo of the author (If Available)
  • Trade names and real name
  • born/died years/nationality
  • A paragraph about the author
  • a section for upcomming/new releases
  • Series listings with links to each book for more info
  • a section of all novels with links
  • Cover images in each section
  • collections section with links
  • anthology sections with links
  • short story section
  • awards section
  • Author recommended reading section with links and cover graphics
  • Related authors link
  • other website/official website links
  • links for UK and US bookshops
  • More.....
If you read books this site is for you!

Fantastic Fiction

I had nothing to do with this site except visiting it. They did an exceptional job and I want to share it is all...



Code Monkey
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Wow! :eek: Just randomly going through some of my favorite authors I'm seeing that the site even has the most obscure of titles listed for them.

skwirlinator, that's a good find -- Anybody who enjoys reading will find that site useful, thanks!


An Old Friend
Ah, The Passion

If your passion is as great as mine you will find yourself on Fantastic Fiction for hours and hours. I even did a link page of my favorite authors and posted it on SciFiResearchers my group.
I have read about 200 of the entries since I found the site while surfing for info on 'The War Against the Chtorr' by David Gerrold.
I have a bookmark folder with over 150 author related links. I warn you to be careful not to bookmark every page. I had to stop myself!
Don't forget to checkout the Author Recommends section.



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googling for authors and specific titles when finding the books for sale online routinely comes up with that site, it's pretty well used and established (and definitely handy!)