Greetings and Salutations


I am Rascalt... ummm I'm sure there are quiet a few around here that already know me (well my name at least)

A little bit about me... I've been playing Simu games since 1996 when Dragonrealms entered Beta and I was one of the lucky few selected to enter it. I've played DR ever since, been a mentor and beta testor for DR and H&X:A

I was probably best known as Rascalt the ecentric halfling thief in Dragonrealms... Both in good and bad ways. Lately I've been playing a large variety of games and have worked for IGN in the recent past as a site manager (and would do it again in a heartbeat if the USMC lets me while under contract) I am a US Marine, joined this year in April and it has been a life changing event for me and I wouldn't change my decision to join for anything.

Looking forward to playing HJ (hoping to get into Beta) and looking forward to getting back in touch with old friends and making new ones here.
Leo said:
Welcome to the boards :smiley: Hope no one scares you away heh.

Hah, you couldn't scare me away if you wanted to. I'm a veteran of the DR thief boards, the VN boards and various other boards for many a years!
Heyo Rascalt! I have definitely run into or past you many times over the years in DR. You may have even picked my pockets a time or two... and I may have even 'thumped' or 'halted' you for it. ;)

Welcome to Hero's Hall. Even thieves are welcome here. :smiley: Glad to have you with us.
Rascalt said:
Yaar! Where is Sylvado... I'm gonna stalk him and pick his pockets!

I'm in the new province around Boar Clan. As for getting back, call billing they should have some information about your accout they can question you about and reset your passwords.
Hey! You play Eve Online! Whats your opinion on it? I think its the best MMORPG out right now (we'll see what happens when HJ comes out) and I've been playing for about 3 months. I play Caldari and by afternoon tomorrow I'll be able to fly the new Rokh battleship! =D Although I don't have skillz for large turrets yet... and money is a problem... Oh well... :D2