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just some guy
my name is omegadrax. real name = vince. age = 32. i am married with two daughters and am a big kid at heart. my favorite sci fi movies include: dark city and stargate. both movies, i feel were severely underrated.


just some guy
it is a combination of two of my favorite comic book characters:

omega red


drax the destroyer


Code Monkey
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Hi, OmegaDrax, welcome! :welcome:

Dark City is also one of my favorites. :cool: I think because it is such a dark theme to it that a lot of people may have dismissed without giving it a chance.

Your name also caught my attention. Omega is common but the only reference I can think of for Drax is the movie Enemy Mine with Dennis Quaid and Louis Gosset Jr. Any connection?


just some guy
drax seems to be a common name in fantasy and science fiction (deathgate cycle, james bond, comic books) but rare in the real world (old plantation in the carribbean and a power plant in england)

i like to know where my name is being used, lol :smiley:.