Greetings from a new sci-fi author!

Hi guys, I'm a newbie so I thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Natasha Bennett, and I am the author of War of the Soulites, a science fiction/horror novel. In my spare time I'm also a web designer and a gamer. Oh yeah, I also have a retail job as well. :P

This is the official synopsis for my book which is now available from Lyrical Press if anyone's curious:

Renolds Osirus spent most of his life as an accountant. To his shock, his life-long dream of becoming a spaceship captain is suddenly granted, and before he can even celebrate, Earth is decimated by a race of mysterious and terrifying aliens. His new ship, the Vigilant, is transported to hostile territory.

Vigilant's first officer, Marcus Collingway, is a terrorist leader and a mass murderer. Long believed dead, he suffers the crew's wrath when he's blamed for the attack on Earth. As Renolds investigates, he exposes a complex web of secrets and lies.

Now trapped on a crippled ship, can the captain and first officer work together to save the Vigilant?

It's nice to meet you all. And yes, the bride of Frankenstein avatar is an accurate picture of me. :smiley:
Natasha, welcome! (y)

The new book sounds interesting. Without giving anything away, what works influenced you in your writing?
Hi Natasha,

Welcome to the forums

Congratulations on your novel.

Is your book the first thing you wrote and was it much of a struggle to get it published?
Hi Audiothor!

I wrote a couple of short hororr stories that were published first. It was impossible getting an agent, because a lot of agents look at writers who have had novels previously published. So I went straight to the publisher first. I had two interested on the same day, and I choose Lyrical Press. :smiley:

welcome to the forum, your book sounds fun.
I recently have 'discovered' King myself, epsecially the two Richard Bachman novels The Regulators and Desperation. You should em out. Anyway, welcome and your book sounds enticing
I know a lot of people are not fans, but I was really inspired by Stephen King and some of his earlier books.
I am also a huge Stephen King fan and never understood why some people are so ardently negative towards his works. I realize that his particular style is not for every one, nobody's is, but I quite enjoy reading his novels when time permits.

There are always going to be those who don't like an author for some reason...Stephen King isn't alone in that regard. There are some that abhor Stephanie Meyer just as much. I've never read her, so can't say whether it's justified in that case, but I've enjoyed the Stephen King works I've had a chance to read.
Congrats, Natasha! I'll be joining you in September. I had a similar experience getting published, found it easier to go to a small traditional press than wait for months while query letters were read and responded to. Had two small publishers interested and chose the one that best fit my work habits.

I couldn't be happier. Hope everything is working out for you as well. Cheers!
welcome to the forum, your book sounds fun.
I recently have 'discovered' King myself, epsecially the two Richard Bachman novels The Regulators and Desperation.

The Regulators is absolutely incredible! It seems so few people know about it. Desperation I liked as well, although not as much. The TV Film adaptation was really well done, though (Ron Pearlman!!!).