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Im Tom, and am 58, yes, i realy CAN remember what was on before DrWho of a Saturday evening!!!:eek:; myself, i am into designing and building paper/card models of Sci-Fi related items, ships, tanks, buildings etc etc, at the moment tho`, am finishing off a model of an old bus garage here in the UK in a palce called Selly Oak, in the Midlands, i do a few requests for people, so thats me as such, hope to chat more soon...................

Best regards to one and all,


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Good afternoon Mckinnell, nice to meet you.

There's always room for another tremendous fan of sci-fi. I've got great memories too of watching sci-fi cartoons from the mid 1960's as a little kid. Like Jonny Quest, Space Ghost, Prince Planet, Speed Racer and Marvel superheros.

Have fun exploring this site.