Hi all !
nice knowing u !



Hi, Starbeast ! Good evening yes ! Thxs you for your feedback.
Im sorry that i may have posted-up some of my drawing to the Misc Scifi category, by mistake. of course [you can] delete them. i believe i have Uploaded the next 9 to the right category: Creative Imaginations ! i'll check now to see whether those have been accepted by your Mod.
iv been busy for a couple of days, amenhotepi


Creative Writer
Hi amenhotepi.

I've just looked in the gallery and I cannot see anything. I think there is a "3 post minimum" in place concerning the gallery and this means your uploads will have failed, not gone to a moderation queue.
Hi Tim ! Thxs for your feedback. i'll make a note of the "3 posts" issue. _
you're right : i my Uploaded my art three days ago yet they still dont seem to have arrived ..._ i'll try now.
_ hi Original90s. Thxs for your feedback _

_ everyone is so polite at this Site, its great _ its good 2b part of this community ...

i see you're New too ! goodluck in what _u do !