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I am new to this message board. As far as that goes, I am new to any message board (except Facebook, most of us are on that, right?) Anyway, I am a geek and I embrace it even if my wife makes fun of me! I love most scifi (and a few horror) movies, have read my fair share of graphic novels and I even enjoy making scifi artwork and cartoons. My wife and I just saw Captain America and loved it. The metro area I live in just had it's first sci fi convention back in June and I had the pleasure of going to this event. My only regret was that I couldn't stay longer. The convention was an absolute blast!! Well, that is it for now. Thank you in advance for welcoming me to your community.
hi actionavenue _! nice meeting _u .




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Good afternoon Actionavenue, nice to meet you. It's always a treat to have another comic book fan join Cool SciFi.

Yes sir, Capt America was really cool, I'm going to try to see it again. Have fun exploring this site.