Apr 1, 2007
I've been a nameless lurker for about a year, more or less, but finally decided to get myself a name and show myself! I was directed here originally by Momma and have been excited about the possibility of a strong role-playing MMORPG.

Let's see, I'll start with my RP experience. I'm a long-time roleplayer, starting with pen-and-paper (Dungeons & Dragons, Palladium/Rifts), then progressing to online chat/text-based roleplay in the AOL/Rhydin chatrooms (chiefly Wheel of Time RP). Soon after, I started my MMO career with Ultima Online, then to Dark Age of Camelot, then to World of Warcraft, then to Vanguard...with bits of MMO playing here and there (Asheron's Call, Everquest 1/2, Final Fantasy XI, Star Wars Galaxies, among a touch of a few others). Basically since I was 12 I've been out and about with roleplay.

I'm in a career involving computers and Information Technology, but one of my greatest hobbies is writing. I love having the time to dedicate to writing when I'm inspired to, and I love creating new places, new people, and new worlds. I love to bring out the emotion in my words and hope to make prospective readers feel that emotion in its varied forms. I hope to have a novel out someday based on a medieval fantasy world I created when I was younger.

I am generally very open-minded and objective with all that I do, though I do have a few small bits of bias here and there, such as my propensity to make paladins as my first character in any game. I love the idea of paladins and all that they stand for, from their strong sense of devotion to their charity to their valor. (BIG thumbs-up to HJ-Navarre's post on paladins, by the way. :) )

Well, let's see what else...I'm 27, single male from central Maine, and I like long walks in the woods, baseball, and geeking out when I can. :P2

Alright, enough from me! I will be around, and I hope to be a part of the roleplay experience here and in game. *waves*


Apr 1, 2007
Yes, yes my pretties.. gather.... gaaaaaaaather.... bwahahah-


I mean, Welcome!


Jun 13, 2006
Welcome, Lurker Tyrson, Writer extrodinare and IT Specialist of Maine!

(BIG thumbs-up to HJ-Navarre's post on paladins, by the way. :)

Thaos said:
*someone tell Nav to sew another jacket*
Here is your new club jacket, Tyrson.
I dub thee - Ernie "Huckleberry" Smith of the Farris Firebrands - Born to raise wheat!


Jul 6, 2006

The more people say they're into pen & paper gaming, the sadder I get. It's something I've always wanted to get involved in, but something that I've never had enough friends to be a part of... So sad... :(

Anyway, welcome.
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