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Jul 26, 2016
I want to introduce myself and the project I've been working on. I have been a huge fan of Scifi and Cyberpunk since I was really young. I did all the normal nerd stuff, Read comics, believe in the Force and build Star Wars models. Probably until I saw Bladerunner, then it became all about sci fi films; Road Warrior, Total Recall, Battlestar Galactica TV.

I fell upon this forum while trying to drum up interest in my personal project.

Please drop by our Kickstarter and see if it's something that would be of interest to see. If so we need your help, your backing and pledging. I am open to doing questions here about the project and what we see in our world.

Please ask questions.

ACHERON RISING - A Sci-fi, CYBERPUNK, action webseries.



Code Monkey
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Mar 20, 2004
Question about the graphics... :D

Checking out the Kickstarter page I notice that the logo for Orcus Transnational is also in the Acheron Rising logo; is that a weapon of some type? A cyberpunk version of the Glaive from Krull? :whistle:
Jul 26, 2016
Hey Kevin,

You know when they say "good question"? Well, good question! Two things:

1) Points for referencing Krull. That movie is both bad, and badass.

2) If Liam Neeson is willing to be in our film also, we'll take him.

So, the symbol. It's not a weapon. It's the symbol for Orcus Transnational, the sort of main "bad guy" entity in our story. From the onset, we wanted to have a bit of a mythical quality to the story, and so we decided to reference ancient Greek and Roman mythology. When we were trying to get the symbol together for Orcus, we wanted something that was at once kind of mysterious, and evil-looking. It represents the "eye of Orcus", essentially. It's a bit like in Lord of the Rings... you know, that huge eye of fire than sits a top a spire in Mordor. This symbol sits atop the tallest building in Montreal, the Orcus HQ, a burning hologram that shows the corporations' control of everything.

Yes. We're nerds.

Thanks for the question!

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