Hello there everyone!

I was looking for some good place where people like some sci-fi stuff and where I could train my English language, so here Im.

About myself in short- I live in Europe, near Baltic sea, in Riga city.
Can't say, when I started to love any way of sci-fi, seems I was too little boy.:D

Im intrested in space, also space ships in general. In school years I dreamed to become a space ship designer, well, who know, may be once I will become one.
Currently, Im student of Transport and Telecommunication Institute, Aviation explotation+Bachelor in aviation area. So, Im not falling to far from my dream ;)

About interests- I like PC gaming :P, good books, even not sci-fi one, also Im writing book.

So hi everyone again!
Acclamator, welcome! (y)

You will fit in well here. :smiley: Most of us here share a love of sci-fi, reading, technology, and some gaming.

Good luck with your studies! It is great to see somebody chasing their dreams.