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Discussion in 'Books' started by johnmdavis, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. johnmdavis

    johnmdavis Cadet

    Oct 11, 2013
    Just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that the fifth installment into the Gunship series releases on November 1st! I've also included a bit of the upcoming book and the cover of the original, which is always FREE.


    “Wake up my friend,” Skulls pleaded, doing his best to usher the brown coated smuggler from a dreamworld. “We're landing on Ronica.”

    “Damn,” Dalton was slow to acknowledge. “My head is splitting. Feel like I've been hit by a train. Almost like a hangover?”

    “Something like that.” Cambria replied, covertly eluding to their session of lovemaking.

    Of course, Skulls never caught on. He was quick to sway his eye to the scope and fetch a guaranteed kill, that much was a fact. However, his ability to catch onto an inside joke, or, in this case, an inside conversation – was lacking.

    “Hadn't felt this rough since I got hold of some tainted rock whiskey back on Phinamore.” Dalton said tauntingly.

    “Oh really?” Cambria said, playing along. “You sort of have the look of a long night of binge-drinking alright. Just seems like you've been laid up with the finest of liquor.”

    “Liquor? You mean hootch?” Dalton asked, his question changing her facial complexion drastically.

    “No, I mean liquor. As in fine wine. The kind that's been on the shelf for a mighty long time collecting dust. They say it gets better with age.” Cambria insisted.

    “Well, I'd say as a long time connoisseur...and I mean long...I'd have to admit that it seems like the wine that's been sitting so long is most likely the best I've ever had.” Dalton replied.

    “Most likely?” she asked.

    “What about you? Walking a bit rough this morning?” Dalton asked.

    “So am I, this space travel will do it.” Skulls added.

    “Wow, you too Skulls? I'm impressed. There are only so many hours in a single night?” Cambria asked playfully.

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