Ugh, I have gym first period, second semester. That sucks so much. I'm going to be all sweaty and groos all day. I'm not a huge fan of gym to begin with so I know for a fact that it is going to be horrible. So how does everyone else feel about it?

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I love gym. Even though it is first period, second semester, it's probably really fun. My brother had it first period, and he said it's awesome because you get to do the best stuff, and do things that other classes can't.


I think the politically correct term is Physical Education. :P and well I had phys ed first two periods, of first semeter of my first year at high school. Wasn't a fan of it. ;) not because it was in the morning, but because I just don't like it. ;)
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for me, it depended on the stuff we did and the coach...

I hated gym in High School cus all we did was weights...I preferred the team sports games and stuff...which was pretty much all of middle school, so I didn't mind that. haha...


I like it sometimes. I like how there's no homework... I'm so unathletic. I think I look like I'm atheltic because when ever there's like a team picking, I get picked around first the first time, and then people see how horrible I am. I get picked last the next day. :unsure: :) I'd rather do art than pe! Our school only makes us take two years of p.e, and university doesn't care... They just created new p.e courses at my school! It's so not fair, one of them is spinning, and another was a course on being healthy. And the class would walk a few times a week. :LOL:
I HATE gym. i just do sooo much. i suck at all the stuff we do and you get all sweaty..and we don;t take showers at our school (not like i wuld anyway)
I liked gym class in high school, because we weren't graded on how athletic we were. :D Which was awesome because you could totally screw up on everything and still get an A. Which is what I did. lol. I did enjoy the basketball part, because well it was funny because our class wasn't athletic at all and you kind of get my drift. Also Volleyball was fun, because my class was mostly boys and they had never played volleyball. I had played on the volleyball team, even though I wasn't good at it, I specialized in digs since I was better at digging in the back row than spiking. So the guys were trying to be all macho and attempt to spike it really hard but it ended up being a very easy dig. Our gym class lifted weights too, I didn't really enjoy since we were being forced to. Over the summer I began to like weight lifting since it was more of my choice. Gym class was okay though. We had Sex/Drug/Heath Education in our Gym class which was SO boring, other than that it wasn't too bad.
I dont hate it, its fun some of the games and sports are fun but my teacher is a hardass(am i allowed to say that? :LOL: ) If you dont get in your squadds fast enough ten push ups. If you get someones name mixed up: ten push ups.

He would work us really hard but i guess some gym teachers are like, and it doesnt help when its 30 degrees and were are playing foot ball and running laps as a warm up.


Gym was so evil. We had to run the mile every year. And that would be fine, but they graded us on time, and girls had to get 7:30 or under to get an A. Err... We did a lot of weights and stuff, but we got to choose what we did. I liked doing weights cause you could basically do nothing and get full credit unlike fitness testing or the mile, which all the normal, non-athletic people got D's in. So worthless. My last mile run I gave up and walked.


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well I'm assuming that gym is the American way of saying PE?

dude, PE was like the best class ever... I mean who seriously doesn't want to go running around playing games, or kicking a soccer ball around or whatever?


How can anyone hate PE?

Duuuuuuuuuude... :jawdrop:

And if you're sweaty, IT'S GOOD FOR PIMPLES! And take showers if you're that concerned... or wear Deo!

PE's one of my favourite subjects


See, they only give you about... 5 minutes to change clothes at the end of the period, so it'd be seriously weird to take a shower.

And gym really isn't the American way to say PE... I just learned it that way in my first school. I really don't like the term physical education anyway... it's physical... what's there to educate?


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so take one at lunch or recess... I NEVER thought the cliched images I see on TV and Hollywood of how the teenagers of America hate PE was actually true! :eyebrow: How can you hate PE?


And as for the name, who really cares? It's not really a reason to hate a subject just because it has a name that doesn't really fit :unsure:

And in our school, we are actually educated about physical movement... we're taught the right way to hold a tennis raquet, we're taught how to stretch, we're taught how to use Ergo's... stuff like that


We don't get enough time for showers either. Ok here's the problem, we stop getting recess in America after elementry school! Well... here anyway. And lunch is way to short to have a shower. Last year I always had to spend all of lunch walking to a place, waiting in line, eat the food while walking back to school. Sometimes I'm on time. This year, we have even more people at our school so the lines are super long everywhere.

For us, I think it depends on the teacher whether we get grade on athleticness or effort. We do the mile thing too... I think everyone in PE does. :mellow:
Patomac said:
Gym was so evil.  We had to run the mile every year.  And that would be fine, but they graded us on time, and girls had to get 7:30 or under to get an A. 
Dude! 7:30???? We only had to get 8:25! (Middle School PE, not High School ;) ) I'd be getting like a B or something in your class! The fastest I ever ran it was 7:45 and that was awhile back, but I could never do the push-up tests, I could only do 3 push-ups, so the mile was always the part that brought my grade up in Middle School PE.
I HATED PE in middle school. I only had one semester of it in the eighth grade since I managed to opt out other years by taking band and computer classes. In high school I took it online which meant running laps around the kitchen table and keeping a log of things. I was so out of shape back then that I was too embarassed to take gym at the school. I don't know if I'd mind it now, but back then I was way too shy and afraid of getting hit by a basketball.


I only had to take it freshmen year in high school. I never really had to do anything. My teacher said as long as we looked like we were doing something, or if we weren't doing anything, no one should be able to see us so he doesn't get in trouble :LOL: I usually just sat around, sometimes bounced a basketball, once in a while tried to shoot it. The only thing we really had to do was run around the block twice for warmups (though some people cheated out of it) and stretches. We were also required to run a mile, but our times didn't matter, as long as we finished.

I got lucky because the next year, there was a new PE teachers who worked the class like crazy.