Half-Life 2 Hits After Snags


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Half-Life 2, the sequel to 1998's hit Valve video game, overcame development obstacles to become one of the most successful games of 2004, selling 1.7 million copies in just one and a half months, the GameSpot Web site reported.

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hope they didn't include my sale in that figure, and a number of other users who bought the game, tried to register online to download the final files and found their serials were "already in use" !!!

whilst VUGames and associated companies involved in this game have free up serials from some people, not all!

when i bought HL original this happened too, but they freed my serial up then from the hackers account using it
If I hadn't received this game as a christmas present I'd definitely return it. What a disappointing pile of felgercarb it turned out to be.


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it isn't bad. the compression techniques for landscape and buildings, plus character modesl moving around make this look brilliant on a decent AGP, even an ati9600xt 128meg card makes this play on maximum almost graphics. admittedly, a nvidia gf4 mx440 to achieve frame rates of the ati9600xt has to have the graphics down so far it looks like a very fast moving original Half Life engine

the main problem with the game that stops me liking it (i had the game off a mate for 2 days until i gave it back to him) is that the game plays on "rails" no full free 360degree exploration, you must go certain directions to complete your task. going off route you find yourself blocked with no abilitiy to complete a mission in a different manner.

it's worth the money given the current state of the gaming industry i suppose, it's nowhere near as poor in implementation as doom3 anyhow!