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#Halloween is just around the corner - the time of year where people think they're going to get haunted by ghosts and suchlike.

Do you celebrate Halloween, go trick or treating, terrify the neighbourhood or just hide indoors?
I rarely do anything in particular on Halloween. I do have a feeling that there will be some sort of a halloween party with my classmates this year though.. We'll have to see. The holiday as it stands doesn't really interest me in the slightest though.
I don't normally do anything for Halloween, been invited to a fancy dress party this year though. Time to find something to wear.
It's hard here in Australia because #halloween isn't a big thing, and most of the stuff you buy from the stores just look fake and cheap. However I love everything horror and after two years, and lots of purchasing online we are just two days away from my first ever #halloween party.

It's not going to be as big as I'd like but another couple of years of picking stuff up on e-bay and online at other party shops from the us and I will slowly get it to what I want it to be.
I Know, You're sayin "It's only September!".
Well, you need to get off your duff and start preppin for the Halloween festivities you will want to do this year.
It's time to start digging some graves in the lawn and preppin the corpses for a proper rot. Check your mummy and see if any of the bandages need dressed up - gotta give them time to age in a bit anyway. Ghost contracts are cheaper if you get them in advance. The best ghosts are scheduled for hauntings well in advance.
You can freeze blood. Start hitting the hospitals with your mason jars to get a good supply of blood in advance. Don't rely on the local passer-by for your blood supply this year. They are so unreliable. Sure they are good for the occassional bloody body part but a good blood supply is critical for those awesome displays.
I don't do the public display anymore. I have a personal dungeon where I can enjoy my Halloweeen Festivities all year long. I even keep a constant supply of live participants chained in my cellar. Gotta keep refreshing the wounds but I don't mind. Gives me something to do.

So, This thread is for sharing all your Halloween Preparations for this year's CarnageFest. From yard display ideas to costume ideas. If it has to do with Halloween its related and post away.

Halloween diy makeup -- zipper face with a skull face painted underneath. this would take a long time but the finished product is TOTALLY worthy




Meat Man - ham head, two sets of ribs, small sausages, red pepper..





Witches Warts- Chocolate Chips Ghost Poop- Mini Marshmallows Monster Scabs- Graham Crackers Jack o Lantern Teeth- Candy Corn
I'll likely do what I do every year for the past several... plan on decorating the house and doing something special but instead buy a bunch of a halloween candy that I'll then end up eating after not having time to decorate and barely any kids showing up at the door.
Last week I saw Christmas items @ Walmart, so I figured Halloween was getting close.

Every year I buy a few bags of sugar just in case. So far no one has T&Td me. (or TP'd me). ah, life in the back country.
Hmm, Seems like everyones idea of Halloween is the Trick or Treat?

For me its Haunted House tours and massive theme parties. Screw the Trick or Treaters - Throw a bloddy bag of candy at them and get rid of them. Real Halloween festivities are after dark and trick or treat has become another example of the pussification of america. Last year trick or treat was at 4pm. ???? what-the-????

This year Halloween is on a Friday - That means a full weekend of festivities. From multiple parties & haunted houses to nightmare movie festivals. Stock up on No-Doze cause if you sleep you are a target!