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Steven Spielberg To Produce Halo Movie? [Rumor]

Steven Spielberg To Produce Halo Movie? [Rumor]

Kotaku said:
504x_halomovie.jpg According to sources speaking with film site IESB, talent agency CAA and "studio executives," Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg is in talks to oversee the production of a new Halo movie.

IESB say Spielberg has been "blown away" by Stuart Beattie's screenplay, which as we know deals with a kid called John. Oh, and some aliens as well, along with a little shooting.

IESB also point out that having lost Transformers, Dreamworks (having recently split from their distribution deal with Paramount) will be looking to gain a replacement "tentpole" action series, and Halo - which has been abandoned by Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp - fits the bill perfectly.

Apparently CAA, who list Spielberg as a client, have the director in "active negotiations" to produce the movie. So please, make note of this. He's rumoured to be in talks to produce the movie, not direct it.

Sounds crazy, but then, five years ago how many of you would have picked that Spielberg would produce a Transformers movie?

IESB Exclusive: Master Chief and HALO May Be Coming to the Big Screen Sooner than Expected with a New Big Name Producer [IESB]

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Rumor: Steven Spielberg is Now Developing the Halo Movie?!


1st Showing wrote:
Whoa, wait, when did this happen?! Our friends at IESB are reporting a considerably exciting rumor that Steven Spielberg has taken over development on the Halo movie that Peter Jackson previously tried to make. They're saying they've confirmed this "with studio executives and our close ties to CAA" and that it's legit. Let's not forget that Jackson and Spielberg are working together on Tintin, so they've probably had plenty of time to talk about bringing one of the greatest video games in history to the big screen. But why is Jackson letting Spielberg take over so easily? Is it because he doesn't have time with The Hobbit coming up?

Apparently Spielberg took a look at the script that Stuart Beattie had written in his free time (remember this concept art?) for a Halo movie titled Halo: Fall of Reach and was "blown away" by it. Other connections between Spielberg and Beattie are that they're both repped by the talent agency CAA. And then there's the little fact that Spielberg was a special guest during Microsoft's E3 presentation for their new Project Natal (watch that video) and still reps it on their website. Oh yea and during that presentation, Spielberg even said he was a big gamer (if we can believe that). So all the pieces are there, maybe this does all make sense?

I'm one of those people who believes that a Halo movie could be (and deserves to be) as epic, exciting, and legendary as the game itself still is. And obviously it will take a lot of time and money to pull something like that off, as well as a creative team that is second to none. Peter Jackson was the first big step in the right direction, but then all of that fell apart. Now if it's true that Spielberg has stepped up instead, he couldn't be a more acceptable alternative and one of only a few that I would trust handling a franchise like this. And with that, I hope all this turns out true, because I'd love to see a Spielberg Halo movie. What about you?


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Re: Steven Spielberg To Produce Halo Movie? [Rumor]

All these delays in getting the first film into our hands is soul destroying! We needed one this year, not in a couple more years time :( It's a real shame about the first one failing.

Good to hear though that the proposed screenplay seems to be following the series of books with the title being the first one.


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Call me a cynic, but considering everything else that Spielberg has on his agenda right now (Steven Spielberg - IMDb), I would question whether he has the time & energy needed to make a film like Halo.



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I will wait however long it takes to get meh Halo. I just hope I live long enough.

I also agree with Kevin, he does have a lot to deal with (which is probably one reason the film needs more time.) but at the same time....IT'S SPIELBURG. He can do it.


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Microsoft: Halo Movie Still "On Hold" [Film]

Microsoft: Halo Movie Still "On Hold" [Film]

Kotaku said:
504x_flyingchief_01.jpg There was an enjoyable rumour posted over the weekend that a Mr. Steven Spielberg was currently in talks to produce the Halo movie. A movie Microsoft will only say is "on hold".

Responding to questions we had over the Spielberg rumour (and indeed the future of the movie itself), a Microsoft spokesperson told Kotaku:

We're glad there's still a lot of enthusiasm in the entertainment industry surrounding the idea of a Halo movie. That said, the Halo feature film remains on hold as we focus on projects like Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.

Upon further questioning, Microsoft added that they had "nothing further to share with respect to plans regarding a Halo movie".

That's a long time holding, since the movie first went "on hold" all the way back in 2006. Bet somebody's arms are getting really tired.

Still, if you're a Halo fan, "on hold" is better than "cancelled", right?

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