Halo Wars Machinama?

So last night me and 3 of my friends were doing a 3v3 with 2 on each side and one ai on each side. While we were playing i had the idea of making a Halo Wars machinama. I don't have all of the details down but all i have so far is Forge surrounded by the Prophet and Arbiter. He calls for help and they send Cutter to his resue. Thats all i have so far.


We pretty much need 4 people to do this.





Also due to me lacking a card could someone make it for me?

Throughout today i'll be "plotting" out the details
We would have serious difficulties due to the fact that units attack enemies on sight... and you can't get that many camera angles AND you can't fully move your units in a way that'll convey whatever message you're trying to deliver


i always wanted to do a halo wars machinima called "Spartan life in halo wars" they go into battles but it returns to halo 3 when they are just talking to each other.
Jeez take a long running joke

If you're being serious, I'll make a romantic comedy